Poor housewife from Kerala village sings her way to YouTube fame

Social media creating exceptional heres out of common people is not unusual.

But in Kerala, a woman from a poor family, who has never seen a social media channel, has become an overnight sensation a year after somebody uploaded a video of her song.

 Poor housewife from Kerala village sings her way to YouTube fame

Screengrab from the video

The song is exceptional because the woman, Chandralekha, sings in her dilapidated kitchen with her kid in her hands. There is no fancy mike, no accompanying instruments, but her mellifluous voice in perfect pitch. Neither the background noises nor the disturbance by the kid affect her. She is just a common housewife who had to let go of her music dreams because of a hard life.

Leading Malayalam newspaper, Mathrubhumi reported on Sunday that her song has been shared 300,000 times on Facebook since Wednesday. Reportedly thousands have watched the video, now uploaded by many youtube users. Television channels and radio stations in the state have also featured her in the last few days.

The remarkable aspect of Chandralekha’s video is that it’s old and she is from a back-of-the-beyond village. It was recorded on a mobile phone by her husband’s nephew, who had promised the singer that he would make the entire world see it.

Although the response was just ordinary for a year, suddenly it became a hit and a viral share on facebook last week. Another relative added her mobile number to the video and that has opened the floodgates of phonecalls to Chandralekha from all over the world.

Watch the video here:

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Updated Date: Oct 13, 2013 11:57:03 IST