Only cowards would target Mother Teresa: She's been dead for 20 years, let it go

So why this pettiness towards Mother Teresa which was timed with her being given a sainthood? Frankly, it hasn’t affected your life or mine or anyone’s in any way.

Bikram Vohra September 08, 2016 08:43:24 IST
Only cowards would target Mother Teresa: She's been dead for 20 years, let it go

What is some people's problem with Mother Teresa?

I truly don’t get it. If the Pope wants to sanctify her why are people like Justice Katju and British-based activist Aroup Chatterjee spewing so much venom and the media running with it without any evidence except conjecture that was a lot of no good.

Is it to get attention for themselves? There are worse people in the world and I don’t see what advantage there is in assaulting the reputation of a woman who has been dead for 20 years. Where were all these people when she was alive and the Mission of Charity was functioning under her aegis and she was holding lepers in her arms?

So she liked chocolates, ice cream and fun. Which is what? A series of sins?

Oh, she was using second hand syringes. Since I did not give her any money I have no idea how she harnessed her resources but would so many poor people keep coming to her for a little solace and comfort if she was such an evil person.

Only cowards would target Mother Teresa Shes been dead for 20 years let it go

A file photo of Mother Teresa during a mass at the Basilica of the Assumption. Reuters

As for her lifestyle and her trips to Europe — perhaps she went abroad to get money from the rich to use it for the poor. Robin Hood herself. To the best of my knowledge, she didn’t buy a yacht, a house in Calais or go romping on the Costa del Sol. She didn’t eat caviar and foie gras, guzzle champagne or have any late night parties or gambol about in a private jet. Nor did she have a secret cache in the Caymans or lived a life of grand self indulgence and stay at the Ritz and go to gamble at Vegas.

So why this pettiness which was timed with her being given a sainthood? Frankly, it hasn’t affected your life or mine or anyone’s in any way. Most of us thought she had already been beatified and it is the Vatican’s decision. So let it go. Why are we pulling scabs off spots where there are no wounds.

Are any of us really not impressed that 150,000 people came for the ceremony. Ain't no one near that number coming to your goodbye, mate!

People who have tried to expose the work she and her missionaries have done connect it to their own experiences. Well ,we don’t know what you did there for the schism to develop, so let’s not pass judgement and by that token your hostility cannot be taken without question.

Oh yes, this old conversion drivel and how hordes of us are being subtly brainwashed into turning Catholic.

You know what...thousands of us have studied in patrician schools, with Jesuits, I have lived in Goa for several years and shared meals with the Bishop and discussed many an issue but not one of them in school, college or work has ever tried to convert me or even brought the subject up. Yes, we were slightly anglicised and spoke better English and it was perhaps a bit awkward for little Hindu boys in ties singing hymns in the choir or saying ‘grace’ before grabbing the bread but it didn’t make us any worse for wear.

In fact, those brothers and fathers and mother superiors were pretty dedicated people and gave our generation quite the global education. Our generation is in the armed forces, the corporate world, media, bureaucracy, law, you name it and i don't know one of us who was converted so these priests must have been doing one crappy job.

Let’s stop being mean-spirited. Like Julie Andrews said in Sound of Music, "I must have done something good. Nothing comes from nothing, nothing ever could."

If Mother Teresa was this wicked witch lady, why was she not held accountable over all those years and what exactly do you expect twenty years after her death by throwing mud at her. We should have hauled her away then with hardcore proof of perfidy.

In a way it sickens you because people who have done nothing to help anyone ever in their fatcat lives now wriggle out of the woodwork and pontificate righteously about the fraud she was.

As if they know the inside story.

Fine. Go hold a dying leper with festering limbs in your arms and comfort him till his last breath, then come and spit your rage.

Else shut up.

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