Notice something curious about the date today? 4 April, 2016 is 'Square Root Day'

When Ron Gordon, a mathematics teacher, was writing down the date 9 September, 1981, he realised that there was a curious feature about the numbers in it – 9/9/81 — ‘81’ was the product of 9 squared, 9 was the square root of 81.

There are only nine Square Root Days in every century

There are only nine Square Root Days in every century

Gordon realised that only nine dates in every century shared a similar attribute and he designated such days “Square Root Days”.

Today — 4/4/16 — is Square Root Day. The previous Square Root Day was observed on 3/3/09, while the one after this will occur on 5 May, 2025 (5/5/25).

Lest you think that solving some math problems is the only way to celebrate Square Root Day, Gordon has other ideas. According to him, you can “form a large square root sign, have root beer in square glasses, feed a poor person a square meal, travel by a bus route that is a square root, anything”. Those who come up with the most innovative way to celebrate will win $18 each (a total of $441.6 distributed among 4+4+16 people, i.e. 24 winners).

Square Root Day isn’t the only mathematical-themed day. We also have Pythagorean Theorem Day, e-Day, Pi Day, Tau Day, Yellow Pig Day, Pi Approximation Day, and Fibonacci Day.

Gordon himself has also tried to institute two other mathematical holidays — ‘Odd Day’ (11/13/15) and ‘Trumpet Day’ (2/2/22, for the sound it makes – two-two-two-two).

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