Not sure if your Biological clock is ticking? There's an app for that

Created by an advertising executive who claimed that she wanted to come face to face with her own fears, women can now download an app that tells them, down to the exact second, exactly how many fertile years they have left in their lives.

According to Mira Kaddoura, the brainchild behind the app,

"I created this clock to face my own fears. To beckon the elephant in the room so to speak. To release my own power, my own choices. To open a dialogue with other women about fertility, em-
powerment, and loving ourselves. We are women, and we are ticking. But we are so much more."

The Wonder Clock counts down a woman’s biological clock in real time. But by Kaddoura's own admission it is not meant to be a medical diagnosis, but an interactive, conceptual piece that seeks to start a necessary and empowering conversation about childbearing.

 Not sure if your Biological clock is ticking? Theres an app for that

Want to know exactly how much time you have left? AFP

The Wonder Clock description on iTunes says that the app confronts the question "how much time do I have left?" head on, giving women everywhere an open door to discuss this taboo topic.

Except that it costs $1.99 to just count down to your 45th birthday.

Kaddoura's site which also features a social feed that pulls mentions of the app seems to be dominated by disgruntled women who feel a little short-changed. One tweet reads, "The Wonderclock.. so.. basically a countdown to your 45th birthday? Doesn't take anything else into consideration?"

Yet another featured tweet grumbles about having to pay $1.99 for an "imaginary piece of mind".

Others however feel that the app contributes to an important social debate. Huffington Post seems to feel for instance, that the app opens up a critical discussion at a time when more women are delaying marriage and childbearing than ever before.

What do you think? An app worth downloading or a bunkum countdown that's playing to perceived female insecurities?

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Updated Date: Jul 03, 2012 17:20:43 IST