No leggings, jeans for girls in Chennai college: How did they leave out the saree?

Heard about this college in Chennai with it’s cuckoo list of don’t dos for girls?

Of course, the college says it’s fake but the list is a laugh riot. Fake or not, it’s worth reading and I have at least a sackful of cousins in Chennai colleges who say yes, these rules do exist.

Actually, come to think of it, it was there even when I studied in Chennai, only difference is it was before Mark Zuckerberg graduated, so the madcap rules did not go viral.

 No leggings, jeans for girls in Chennai college: How did they leave out the saree?

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But what these wingnuts always forget to add to this don’t do list is arguably the sexiest and most elegant garment in the world - the saree. How could they?! Even economically, it does not make sense. Buying a cotton saree is cheaper than buying a three piece salwar kameez set in the same shop. If these folks are serious about girls not drawing attention to their curves, how come they left out the saree? Or do they want more sensuality and this may be a counter intuitive way to do it.

And jasmine flowers ? No ban! Yay !

What could be headier than that?

Pssst ! Maybe the wise guys want all the girls to wear sarees and jasmine flowers in plaited hair ( no ‘lose’ hair hairdo) so they can faint en-masse and shut shop for the day. Temple of learning closed !

Rahu Kalam, yamagandam.

The "two sides of the dupatta should be compulsorily pinned up," rule is as good as not wearing a dupatta at all ! Ha ha!

Who cares for knot type backside (sic) tops? Right now all tailors in Chennai are backed up on orders for the Navarathri season, knot type backside blouses cost Rs 300-400 per piece and delivery is later than regular sleeveless low cut blouses. Good to know !

Here are some gems from the list, including the original typos, because they’re terrific!

No leggings, tight pants and tops.

No lose hair hairdo.

No short kurtis

No knot type backside (sic) tops. ( Whoa? What’s that)

No patialas / anarkali which will hide leggings and high fancy dresses with netted designs.

No hair colouring.

No designer watch appearing big in size and in different colours.

Two sides of the dupatta should be compulsorily pinned up.

Should not enter other classes during class hours for borrowing books, lab coats and other items.

Should not use two wheeler and four wheeler.

Should not talk to boy students.

Should not have account in Facebook, WhatsApp and other related types of this kind.

If this list has actually been circulating, students would do well to send the crazies this Meme of Vijaykanth.


Updated Date: Sep 24, 2015 09:31:13 IST