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Myths about thyroid disorders, debunked: Seek proper treatment for your condition

An estimated 50 million women are affected by thyroid disorders in India.

As prevalent as the condition are the myths and misconceptions surrounding it. And these mis-perceptions about thyroid disease can make accurate diagnosis and treatment confusing and difficult — for both patient and physician alike.

 Myths about thyroid disorders, debunked: Seek proper treatment for your condition

Myths surrounding thyroid disorders abound. Image courtesy: News 18

Here are some of the common myths surrounding thyroid conditions — debunked:

Myth 1: Thyroxine replacement is not absolutely safe.
Fact: By administering thyroxine to treat hypothyroidism, one is giving something that the body is unable to produce on its own.

Myth 2: Cabbage is universally known to cause harm to those with thyroid disorders.
Fact: Once the patient is on thyroxine replacement therapy and reaches euthyroid state, he or she should continue treatment and there is practically no restriction on consuming any kind of food.

Myth 3: An obese thyroid patient cannot lose weight.
Fact: Only to a few kg of weight gain occur in hypothyroid persons because of their condition. Once hypothyroidism is corrected, it does not contribute to obesity and the condition should not be use=ed as an excuse for not losing weight.

Myth 4: Once you develop a thyroid dysfunction, it is forever.
Fact: This is not always true. Some hypothyroidism cases are at times, reversible — like borderline (sub-clinical) hypothyroid cases, hypothyroidism during critical illness, and drug-related hypothyroidism.

Myth 5: Children with thyroid deficiency cannot live a normal adult life.
Fact: With the right dosage of thyroxine and regular treatment, children achieve normal height and pubertal development, and can lead a normal adult life in the future.

Myth 6: I am overweight so I must be having thyroid problem.
Fact: More than 90 percent of the overweight population has normal thyroid functioning

Diagnosis for thyroid, until a few years ago, was a costly affair and well beyond the reach of the common man. But, today, with increased awareness and technological innovations the situation has completely changed — for the better. Dealing with such a complex health condition is challenging but a well-thought out approach can help you fight it head on. Just consult your doctor.

Take out some time out to get a test done. All that's needed to check a thyroid condition is appropriate action, taken at the right time.

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