Myth-busting the gay Indian man: Are we the stereotypes we're made out to be?

I’ll tell you a secret.

I am an out-and-proud gay man. Is that the secret?


The secret is everything else that defines me (or does not, based on your perspective). I don’t watch Downton Abbey. I love my beer every other day. I collected Pokémon cards as a kid. I don’t like Gloria Gaynor. I occasionally play badminton, and I flip out on video games like a prepubescent teen flips out at the Forever 21 sale. For every average type caster, I should be a gay paradox — the exception to the rule, the anomaly. I should be the pink elephant in the room.

But I am not.

So what about the walking, talking, culture spewing, Adele loving, Broadway-referencing, boy jumping and barhopping stereotypes that we are made out to be? The jazz hands and the lisp, the strut that goes with the pout? Think about it this way, every time someone buys into a gay stereotype, a baby seal is clubbed to death in Antarctica (or worse, Donald Trump earns himself an extra vote).

Dead baby seals and Trump supporters aside, I might not be cultured, but I do love my bars. While I enjoy myself a Whiskey Sour (or 10), here are some other myths about gay men that should be busted.

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Updated Date: Oct 28, 2016 20:10 PM

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