MS Dhoni's latest video is going to make you thank those who stood by you

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MS Dhoni's latest video is going to make you thank those who stood by you

We all have our idols, people that we look upto, the ones that embody success and happiness. We love them and respect them and often wonder how they got to where they are.

But what we often miss are the many people who helped our idols become who they are. The friends, family and other loved ones whoacted as pillars of support and strength when times were hard.The people who weathered storms with them, and were always around when they needed a shoulder to cry on.These are the relationships that have lasted for years, and, like wine, have only gotten stronger and more valuable with time.

Remember the time when your mother stayed up all night because you had to study for that entrance exam? Or that time when you failed that subject in school and you were convinced that it is the end of the world, but your best friend continued to believe in you? Where would you be if it were not for all these people who have continued to hold you up, when times get tough?These are the people you trust, the ones you run to when things fall apart. You might not speak to them every day, but when you do, youcan pick up right where you left off. These are the people who value your success and happiness, sometimes even more than you do, and are willing to move mountains to make your dreams come true.

A successful individual does not get to where they are, on their own. They have their friends, family members and loved ones committed to helping them get where they want to.No matter how caught up you get in your life, you must never forget to appreciate these individuals, who have been your support system through it all. You must never forget to let them know how grateful you are for all that they have done, just like M.S Dhoni does in his new video.

Captain Cool paved his path to success with years of hard work, skill and determination. He journeyed, with love and support, from the small town of Ranchi into the hearts and minds of millions of fans around the globe, and found a permanent place there. But it is not just the fans who chant his name who make him who he is, nor his fair-weather friends and friends; his true strength lies with those who have stood by him through everything- loss or victory, century or dot ball, marvellous catch or careless slip…

In the thought provoking video below, see how Dhoni thanks all the people in his life whose relationships with him have truly passed the test of time.

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