Move over Avocado and Kale, Cockroach milk is now the new superfood — Today in wait, what?

Cockroach milk has made its debut as a superfood and we don't know where to hide.

Scientists have reportedly discovered that the nutrient-rich milk crystals found in the Pacific Beetle cockroach is beneficial for human beings. So if you thought your vegan friends were making life difficult for you, just the thought of sitting across from them at the table when they're having their favourite blend of coffee with cockroach milk will make your skin crawl.

 Move over Avocado and Kale, Cockroach milk is now the new superfood — Today in wait, what?

Cockroach milk is here. Image from Twitter/@milkit

But the one thing that's even more baffling than the magical properties of cockroach milk is the possibility that cockroaches produce milk.

According to the Journal of the International Union of Crystallography, the liquid has four times as much protein as cow's milk. Not just proteins, the milk also contains essential amino acids which apparently promote cell growth and keeps your body generally healthy.

Who would've thought that the nasty little creature was capable of trumping cow's milk? The pace at which the world's changing is crazy.

Now the real question is, how to consume cockroach milk and where to get it? It's a bad idea to just squeeze the daylights out of the insect and think the medicinal juices will just flow out of its body for you to relish. Scientists say that it would be more feasible to extract the the nutritional crystals and capsules out of them. However, it will take approximately 100 cockroaches to produce a single pill, which means finding 100 Pacific Beetle cockroaches for a pill that could maybe, lighten your acne marks? We'll pass.

Where to get it? We don't know, try Amazon or something.

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Updated Date: May 24, 2018 17:02:34 IST