Mothers are alone not accountable for baby feeding and caring <br> #HelpMomsBreastfeed

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Mothers are alone not accountable for baby feeding and caring <br> #HelpMomsBreastfeed

 “Perhaps it takes courage to raise children.” ― John Steinbeck, East of Eden

Indeed it is true that no man can be called poor if he has a Godly mother. It is the strength and courage of a mother that nurtures the babies into life and through life. Almost all of us view our mothers as super humans and unknowingly expect a huge deal of returns from her. Although it is possible with a tad of help.

The appeal for assistance goes out to the main man in her life – She is just a girl weighed down by many responsibilities - be her other half, an accountable father and lend a supporting hand. Parents and parents-in-law also have an equally important part to play besides doting the little one. Friends must remember that she needs you even more after the fun baby shower you organized for her. Relationships beyond the personal sphere also have a significant role to play. If you are a workmate shoulder her work responsibilities while the bosses could be more empathetic to her motherly needs.

Every person in her inner personal circle has a pivotal role to play in the bringing up of the baby. Every mother is indeed a super mother and to ensure she also has a super baby, support her in the process of nursing her baby.

Nestle India has launched a campaign on the occasion of World Breastfeeding Week, encouraging everyone who can play an imperative part to #HelpMomsBreastfeed. The campaign reaches out to fathers, grandmothers, bosses and friends earnestly asking them to play a small yet impactful role in helping mothers in raising Superbabies.

Watch the fun video on ‘Superbabies’ because “It takes everyone to make a Superbaby”.

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