Meet your hidden talents behind the veil of a cushy career

Remember when your school teacher asked you what you want to be when you grow up? This innocuous-seeming question actually has deep implications and has its roots in the stereotypical ambition of pursuing a single field.

For many of us, life can feel like a really long, dull journey unless we practice our hobbies, manage to gain a balance between our personal and professional endeavors and lead a crossover lifestyle. A successful career used to be the benchmark for defining who you are. But no more is your cushy, corporate job your one true definitive calling.

Hobbies reflect our innermost passions and accomplishing learning something new can help us tackle our fears and failures better, changing our perspectives, honing our intellectual skills.

Let’s have a look at the different interests people can pursue even with their settled professional careers:

Attune your body to yoga


Our jobs don’t do much for our fitness especially with the sedentary lifestyles most desk jobs call for. Yoga and other fitness methods like kickboxing and karate, however, would. They not only increase your body flexibility and breathing techniques, but help you sleep better and facilitate a healthy body & brain. Overall, a little time for yoga makes you more focused, stress-free and healthy.

Jazz up your evenings


A form of exercise, a way to keep up in shape and style - any reason is good enough for those who love to dance. People who dance regularly have reduced stress levels, are happier and relaxed in their day-to-day pursuits.

Sing Along


You need not have to be a singing sensation to pursue your music interests. Music conditions you to be an effective listener & communicator, build better self-control and an enhanced sense of rhythm. So if you spot someone easily establishing connections, you can guess what interests him or her. Just listen to your favorite songs and croon along at home or while on-the-go in your car.

Create a bond with the strings of your guitar


Nothing can help you cultivate your creativity better than learning to play a musical instrument. The dedication to practice and the patience to learn playing different tunes on an instrument are skills that may come handy to anyone looking to enhance skills. So what better way than this to pick up new skills while relaxing away to music?

Enliven the Picasso in you


Did you know George W.Bush is an avid painter? Successful people actively pursue their hobbies and learn a thing or two in the process. While the former president has taken to oil painting, you might rediscover the artist in you with a bunch of crayons. With merits like polishing memory and nurturing emotional growth, painting & sketching can be the ultimate creative outlet, which is healthy both for your body and mind.

Be the Master Chef of your group


Your stomach may thank you for the food that your mother cooks but when you experiment with your culinary skills, it is intellectually rewarding as well. Master the art of cooking in your leisure time and you would be fearless of new things, attentive to details, decisive and even multitask with precision! Reminded of your job skills, anyone?

Awaken and Inspire with your written word


From voicing your opinions to sharing some vivid personal experiences to penning down the daily nuances of life, there is a lot to write about. Just get in the flow of writing whenever you can, be it on a blog, a website or a diary page, and you will never be at a loss for words.

Stimulate Your Power Behind the Wheels


It seems that science too supports how the thermodynamics of driving awakens a sense of power and confidence within you. A simple, long drive is enough to rejuvenate and refresh your senses. When practiced as a passionate hobby, driving can stimulate your brain power, making you think clearly and effectively. All these things do indicate that, the pleasure of driving can act as powerful catalyst for unleashing your Crossover Spirit.

Crossover over to a new groove:

Living the crossover lifestyle can be one way of getting the most juice out of life. Why give up on anything, when you can have it all? That’s what the crossover spirit is all about.

So get behind the wheels of a real crossover car like S­-Cross and embrace the crossover life. Push your boundaries and make the most of each and every moment. Explore your hidden talents, start your crossover journey with the best crossover car in the country – the S-­Cross.

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Updated Date: Aug 03, 2016 16:25 PM