Meet Mahua Moitra: The TMC MP who dared to give Arnab Goswami the middle finger

If there was a poll, Arnab Goswami could easily be one of the most hated anchors by the speakers he invites on his show on Times Now. He has been called a liar and an ignoramus by Bharatiya Janata Party’s Subramanian Swamy, many have left the show midway, not answering his questions, and who can forget the 'never ever' debate that the anchor had with Meenakshi Lekhi.

And last night on the show, Trinamool Congress leader Mahua Moitra showed her middle finger to Goswami on air.

Goswami was discussing the 'attempt to murder' charge that was filed against the man who slapped Abhishek Banerjee, Mamata Banerjee's nephew, even while he lies in hospital in a 'critical condition' after being brutally beaten up by outraged TMC workers.

 Meet Mahua Moitra: The TMC MP who dared to give Arnab Goswami the middle finger

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In stark contrast, the TMC workers who beat up the 25-year-old so much that he has deep wounds in his head, and is slipping in and out of consciousness, have been charged with an attempt to commit culpable homicide not amounting to murder.

From the beginning of the show, TMC leader Moitra kept telling Goswami to let her 'finish her sentence.' Soon, she lost her cool and told Goswami, "You should talk to yourself, and not invite anybody on your show."

“Arnab, keep talking,” she said. “This is a one-man show...” And up went the middle finger.

Strangely, the show didn't stop, nor did the anchor say anything.

But, who is this lady who dared to raise the finger to Arnab?

Moitra, an economics and mathematics graduate from Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts, worked as a finance professional with a global financial services company in London and New York. She was vice-president of JP Morgan when she quit her plum job to enter politics.

In 2010, Moitra, then a member of Rahul Gandhi's youth brigade, formally joined Trinamool Congress. She had joined the Youth Congress in September 2008.

The TMC leader also featured on Verve magazine's list of the 'charming women in Kolkata'. The profile noted: "Mahua is one stylish woman. A charismatic personality, Mahua is never seen without her crisp cotton saris and a Louis Vuitton slinging on her arm."

Updated Date: Jan 07, 2015 16:14:02 IST