Media executive stalked in Mumbai says accused's mother contacted her, asked not to pursue case

A senior media executive who was stalked by a stranger while out on a morning walk said she has now been contacted by the accused's mother, asking her not to pursue charges — four days after the incident was reported to the Mumbai Police. The accused's mother claimed  she had been given the woman's number by the cops. The police, however, denied having shared the information.

The executive — a vice president at a leading media company — was walking along Carter Road in Bandra on the morning of Sunday, 14 January 2018, when she noticed a man tailing her in a silver Wagon-R. The man had his cellphone camera aimed at the woman as she walked, and brought his car close to her, repeatedly.

 Media executive stalked in Mumbai says accuseds mother contacted her, asked not to pursue case

The media executive was stalked by the man when she was out on a walk. Representational image/File photo

After 15-20 minutes of following her, the man finally drove off when the media executive raised her cellphone to take a picture of him; she managed to get a photo of the car's registration number before it zoomed away. She immediately tweeted the information to the Mumbai Police. After a few tweets, the Mumbai Police coordinated to send two beat cops to the woman's home, where they took down her statement.

The woman's full account of the incident can be read here.

report published by the Times Of India on 18 January 2018 stated that the accused — a second-year hotel management student called Sahej SIngh Arora — had been apprehended by the police from his hostel in Aurangabad. The report further stated that Arora, 19, had been on a visit home over the weekend, when he allegedly stalked the woman. "We are collecting CCTV footage from all the spots he followed the victim," an officer was quoted as saying, in the TOI report.

However, the woman says that she has not been updated regarding these developments by the police. Further, she received a call from a woman claiming to be Arora's mother, who apologised on her son's behalf and asked that the matter not be pursued further. On asking how Arora's mother knew her identity and which number to contact her on, the former said she'd received it from the cops.

"The cops have given my number to the accused's mother," the media executive told Firstpost. "She called me up, asking for forgiveness for her son. I asked her where she got my number from. She told me she got it from the cops."

However, Paramjit Singh Dahiya, DCP Zone IX, told Firstpost that the police had not shared any information with the accused's family members. "We never give a complainant’s contact details to the accused. In this case, I’ve asked the senior PI to look into the matter," DCP Dahiya said.

Updated Date: Jan 18, 2018 18:44:35 IST