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Meanwhile on Instagram: Wearabout's Manou goes beyond high fashion to document street style

@wearaboutblog takes an interest in documenting street fashion and talking to people. It is run by Manou, an Indian photographer who has been travelling since 2013.

You can view Manou's work and conversations with the people he photographs on his blog.

14 Nov 2017. When was it that we lost the ability to look outside of ourselves instead of only thinking about ourselves? It's our own culture that renders the very shape of our decisions into a narrow view that can only see the doors of its own desires. We live our lives in tiny bubbles filling them up with many distractions, busying ourselves with constant need for approval and an empty pursuit of money and online numbers, and then we are shocked to find out our sister or brother or friend is dead. We didn't see it coming because we were too caught up with ourselves. Zuboni killed herself yesterday and we couldn't save her. She died in a state of extreme sadness and helplessness. She wanted to live but she was worried about the fucking society. Society as a whole does not care whether we live or die. You get obituaries on facebook pages and instagram posts, people will be interested to know how it happened, and everyone will move on. Sadly we are part of the same society that creates these conditions. We must realise that we are not separate from one another. It's a reminder to do whatever we are doing, mindfully, and with little more awareness, because we are responsible for a world that is constantly being created with what we do, say, post, support, promote online or offline, which has the potential to make others feel inadequate or happy. It’s really up to us how we want it to be. If you're reading this and are in position of 'influence' or aspire to be, here is something small you can start with: help & support your local crafts/shops/designers/talent. Be mindful about your approach and give preference to ones who deserve it the most.

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Kim @alwayshappysoul for Harpers Bazaar | #fashionweek photo: @man0u #streetstyle #wearaboutblog #india A post shared by @ wearaboutblog on

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