Looking good made easy: The A to Z of women's style, Part II

Here's the final installment of our alphabetical guide to looking good for women, a tongue-in-cheek primer for ultimate style. Now it's time for Zebra stripes, nude lipstick and wonder bras.

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Looking good made easy: The A to Z of women's style, Part II

by Yatan Ahluwalia

Editor's Note: Welcome to Part II of our alphabetical guide to looking good for women, a tongue in cheek primer for ultimate style. Now it's time for orgasms, panties, virgins and wonder bras. You can check out Part I here.

N: Nude – a shade of lipstick and gloss, made popular in the '90s and the ideal colour for under and innerwear. Also for Neck – a part of the body which attracts a lot of attention and for Nails – which you should maintain, shape and paint regularly, and for Nail art – a way to dress and add bling to your nails and for Necklaces – which some of us wear and which are slowly but surely fading away from all our memories.

O: Ostrich feathers – which are used to make boas that you wrap around your shoulder or dress in your hair. And for Olive – both a sought after shade of green as well a type of oil that can do wonders for your skin (apply at night, once or twice a week to nourish and condition the skin), for Oval – the preferred shape of sunglasses this year, for Orgasms – which some of you often fake, and for Ornaments – which is an old-fashioned name for jewelled accessories that you wear.

Looking good made easy The A to Z of womens style Part II

Y: Yellow – a colour for summer and a strong trend this year. AFP Photo

P: Pink – a colour instinctively associated with women and gay men. And for Polo necks – which you wear mostly in Fall/Winter, for Panties – which refers to innerwear for women and where seamless works better than anything else, for Piping – a form of embroidery used on plain formal jackets, skirts and trousers, for Petticoat – the underskirt you wear with saris and for Pearls – a single string on the neck and drops on the ears, looks both classic and elegant. Also for Polka – a dance form as well as a print worn by both little girls and older women.

Q: Queens – which some of you are and others aspire to be. Also for Quit – a word we frequently use when we talk about getting over an addiction, for Quince – the fruit, extracts of which are going to be the next big thing in the beauty business.

R: Red – a glamorous colour for dresses, gowns and lipstick, for Ratings – which are very often fudged to suit vested interests, for Rust – a shade of orange, Indian women love, for Rings – where bigger is always better and for Russia – a country where fur is a serious fashion accessory and for Rado – a luxury watch brand we all want to wear on our wrist.

S: Shoulder – the only part of your body, where being broad is good. And for Sonia Gandhi – a style icon in her own right, for Skirts – which boys and men always hope will get shorter, and trends say they will. For Sexy – which most women want to be, for Sandals, Stilettos and Shoes – which most instinctively love collecting, for Short – the ideal length for jackets and for Simple – the way you should dress for work. Also for Sag – which you hope your skin or body never does.

T: Tall – the preferred height to be. Also for Talisman – a good luck charm you can wear on your neck, hands or ears, for Teeth – which must always look pearly white and can be corrected cosmetically, for Technology – which allows us to try new forms of cosmetic surgery, for Tights and Trousers – both of which you wear on your legs and for T – an alphabet and the preferred body shape if you are a runway model.

U: Umbrella – which you use in the rains to stay dry, for Undershirt – the first or inner layer under a jacket or cardigan, for Up – the only direction you should follow, for UP (Uttar Pradesh) – the state from where a former woman chief minster flew her private jet to Mumbai to pick up a customised handbag and pair of shoes, for Undercover – when you dress to look like someone else or try to hide your identity and for Unbutton – which you should do only when needed and when the time is just right.

V: V –neck — a style of the necks cut, inspired by the alphabet itself, for Violet – a popular shade and colour for colour cosmetics and women’s clothing. Also for Vamp – which refers to those women who can seduce and be ruthless (if and) when they want to be and for Vampires and Virgins – do they both really yet exist?

W: Wedding – an overrated and important day in most of your lives, for Water – which you need to daily drink at least 4 litres of in a day to keep both your skin and body hydrated, for Waistline – which fluctuates frequently, but really never should and for Wonder bra – a push up underwire bra that’s a boon for many and also for Women – who along with many men are probably going to be reading this piece.

X: X Ray – something that allows us to see through what we really didn’t need to, for X – a letter that symbolises the number 10, is the lowest rating in porn and which refers to the chromosome you have two of and men just one.

Y: Yellow – a colour for summer and a strong trend this year. Wear yellow on a gown, dress, shirt or your footwear this summer, for Yankee – slang, which refers to the people from the United States, and for Yachts – which we like to sail in or own and which has inspired an exclusive clothing line similar to resort wear.

Z: Zeal which refers to enthusiasm or eagerness and for Zebra – a black and white animal print that was a rage in the 80’s and is yet in use today. And last, but not the least for Zen – a form of Buddhism and a state of mind or living, which we wish we were always in!

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