Looking good made easy: The A to Z of women's style

by Yatan Ahluwalia

Editor's Note: At the beginning of the year, our style guru Yatan Ahluwalia gave us the handy alphabetic guide to looking good for men with tips on everything from armpits to zebra stripes. Now it's the women's turn to find out what to do and what to avoid when it comes to style. Here is Part 1.

A: Anklets: an accessory that was originally worn so men could hear you walking (or running away from them). You can wear just one if two are too much for you — choose silver over gold. Also for Aphrodisiacs, that can arouse the right senses, Aprons that you wear in the kitchen but can sometimes be a fire hazard, for Animal – a universal kind of print (cow, leopard and lion) made popular by soap stars, ageing actresses, forgotten pop stars and more recently, the yuppies. And for Alta – a red colour dye, which some dancers and brides in India apply on their hands and feet.

B: Breasts: the part of your body men will first look at when they strike conversation (some will continue gazing at them thereafter as well) with you. For Blush, which adds a lot more than colour to your cheeks. This season's hot shades: more peaches and browns and less of pink. Also for Bangles – glass, gold, silver or studded with diamonds that you wear daily or put on special occasions and for Blouses – which can be both western or Indian and come in a wide variety of designs and styles.

 Looking good made easy: The A to Z of womens style

C is for Clutch, a style of bags some of you can't live without and therefore hold close to the body. Reuters

C: Clutch – a style of bags some of you can't live without and therefore hold close to the body. Carry a silver or gold metallic one for a night out. Colours – which you wear on your clothes, accessories, makeup and hair, for Collars – on your shirts, blouses and some jackets and for Chains – which you wear on your neck and are sometimes attached to the handbags you carry or the sunglasses you wear.

D: Diamonds – which you should have a collection of before you retire, they are after all a girl's best friend, for Dildos – which make some women happier than their men do and for Dresses – which look just as good on little girls as they do on some older women.

E: Empty – something your handbag or suitcase rarely is, Electric – not power, but a shade of blue, popular for clothing and accessories in the 80’s, for Egypt – which gave birth to the world's first known diva and style icon: Cleopatra, for Eyeliner – that you use to define and accentuate your eyes and for Eyebrows – which you painfully need to keep thinning, plucking and shaping on a regular basis. Also for Eye shadow – which should always be well blended and that you must match to what you are wearing.

F: Fashion – something most of you follow, even though you may not always want to, for Flings and Fights – both of which most of you have hopefully had your fair share of, for Fingers – that you dress with rings and pamper with manicures, for Frills – which add bounce to skirts and blouses and for Flowers – which you love receiving or wearing as prints and for Friends – that you make just a few of in your lifetime, even though Facebook makes you think otherwise.

G: Gypsy – an ethnic look that is popular till date and which has been an inspiration for designers for years, for G-strings – which some of you wear to feel and look liberated, for Grey – which is the new black, for Gold – that you can't get enough of in your jewellery, makeup or hair colour and of course Garters – that have now almost been forgotten about.

H: Hippy – a revolutionary look that started in the stylish 60’s and continued through the free 70’s, for Hipsters – an urban style of pants and jeans that start at the hip level and should only be worn if your body is in good shape, for Hosiery – garments you wear on your feet and legs and for Hair – that you spend a lot of time washing, conditioning, combining, treating, cutting, colouring or removing in your lifetime.

I: Incomplete – something your look or makeup should never be, for Iron – which you need to consume enough of for healthy skin and hair (found in most fruits and vegetables that are either red or green in colour), for Insomnia – which you should avoid, especially to prevent dark circles and for India – a country that has distinct regional clothing styles for women which are easily recognised the world over.

J: Jewellery – where the cardinal rule is: less is always more, for Jeans – which are comfortable and give your body both shape and form, for Jasmine – a feminine flower and fragrance, for Jackets – both the casual and formal type – always choose single or two button styles for the office and double breasted or zippers for casual wear.

 K: Kurtas – a traditional clothing item that continues to reinvent itself. The hot new trend: keep them short, tapered and slim. For Kimonos - which are worn by Japanese women and for Kaftans – a comfortable piece of home and leisure clothing from the Middle East. Also for Kilts – the only kind of skirts (Scottish) men (except drag queens) wear.

L: Lilac – a predominantly feminine pastel colour that looks good on skirts, shirts, dresses and blouses, for Lavender – a fragrance and flower popular in aromatherapy, spa and personal care products for women, for Laces – that you fasten on your sports keds or boots, for Lipstick – that adds colour to your lips and can often make or break your look (add lip gloss as and when you feel like) and for Lashes – which should be doused with mascara, then curled upwards and outwards and can be used to grab attention and look innocent when convenient, and for the Lungi – which is a piece of cloth you wrap or spread out when you are chilling on a tropical beach.

M: Midriff - A significant area between the chest and hips that should be well maintained and kept in shape. For Moschino – an Italian luxury label that we have enough of, but can never pronounce right. Also for Mul – a fine soft breathable cotton fabric that feels like you have nothing on, when you actually do. And last, but not the least for Money and Men – both of which you say you can do without, but really cant.

 Stay tuned for Part 2  The A to Z Style Guide for Women.

The author is a fashion and image consultant and Director, Y&E Style Media Pvt. Ltd, India’s leading styling & corporate grooming company.

Updated Date: Mar 18, 2012 13:56:39 IST