Lemp Brewpub responds: We are victims of a social media conspiracy

Lemp BrewPub which has found itself in the eye of a massive social media storm after a blog post alleging poor customer service and intimidation by the owners went viral, has issued a formal statement refuting the allegations against it.

 Lemp Brewpub responds: We are victims of a social media conspiracy

Lemp BrewPub as pictured on Zomato

In the statement, the restaurant alleges that they have been targeted by a professional digital and social media company, with the sole aim of bringing them down and causing damage to their reputation.

According to the release;

"Those who are a little aware about the social media and the way it works would agree that it cannot be the handiwork of a few to malign Lemp Brewpub & Kitchen alone. The timelines and snapshots of the social media platforms wherein the hate wave was initiated against us is a proof enough. Our digital and social media agency has assessed and analyzed the same. Hundreds of LIKES and posts within a second of posting the content has to be the handiwork of a full-fledged digital and social media agency hired solely with a particular motive."

The release then goes on to give the restaurant's version of the events that transpired when the group of youth, who purportedly wrote the blogpost, walked into the establishment to have the 'Hawaiian brunch'.

The statement unsurprisingly has a very different version of events. This story is one of unreasonable patrons who sought to bully and intimidate the staff of the establishment, ultimately not paying a cent for what they had consumed.

The restaurant also denies that there were 'bouncers' present as claimed in the blog post and even says that before leaving, the group of people had threatened them about what would happen to them on social media.

"They then started threatening that they are the social media "gurus" and that Lemp will have to pay for this "mistake" heavily.

Read the full release here:

Lemp Press Release

Updated Date: Jun 13, 2013 11:05:54 IST