Just keep calm and #blamethemuslims

People logging on to Twitter today were a little shocked by the trending tags list on the site today. Featured prominently in global trends (and also in India) was the hashtag #blamethemuslims.

 Just keep calm and #blamethemuslims

Albert Gea/Reuters

Some quick research revealed the fact that the hashtag was meant to be ironic. Especially after the Norway attacks which were perpetrated by a far right, white, blonde anti multicultural man, there has been some genuine outrage over initial media speculation that extremist Islam groups were responsible. But despite the huge success of the hashtag itself (it trended!), the success of the message was debatable. There were quite a few people who actually got into the spirit of the thing and began coining humorous tweets incorporating the hashtag. Others who had no idea why it was trending in the first place were outraged. A third group of people actually started making offensive racist comments.

So did the message get lost in the medium? Decide for yourself. This is a sample of some of the tweets incorporating #blamethemuslims:

Updated Date: Jul 25, 2011 20:07:34 IST