Invincible Indians: Solid People, Solid Stories

These Invincible Indians made a huge difference in their societies with their brilliant initiatives

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Invincible Indians: Solid People, Solid Stories

Initiatives can inspire a change and change can be inspirational. Indian history is replete with inspiring moments that helped shape the country into a modern democracy. However, sometimes certain inspiring initiatives go unnoticed. Bajaj V’s ‘Invincible Indians’ aims to provide the rightful recognition to the faces behind these initiatives.

Here are four ‘Invincible Indians’ whose aspiration turned into an inspiration.

Girish Bharadwaj – Bridgeman

India is a land of rivers, and they are an essential source of water for the country. However, these rivers also disconnect villages from cities which make it difficult for people in rural areas to acquire essential goods and services. People in Sullia village in Karnataka faced a similar problem. And the solution to their problem came in the form of Girish Bhardwaj, a mechanical engineer by profession. Mr Bharadwaj with the trust and assistance of his community members made a simple yet durable bridge which made their day-to-day life much easier. But Mr Bharadwaj didn’t stop there and went on to build 127 bridges without charging a single penny. His selfless initiative earned him the moniker ‘Bridgeman of India’.

Pravin Tulpule – Happy Uncle

When we think of members of the Indian armed forces, words like bravery, sacrifice, loyalty and duty come mind. But there is so much more to the great men and women who serve our country. They have a soft and funny side too, and Mr Pravin Tulpule is an ideal example. He proudly served in the Indian Navy for seventeen years, and now he distributes happiness to people dressed as a clown. Mr Tupule has performed 4000 shows without charging any money.

Dadarao Bilhore – Pothole Dada

3400 people die every year in India because of potholes.  One of the victims of these potholes was Prakash Bilhore  – a bright young man who passed away on the day he was applying to colleges. His father, Dadarao Bilhore, was struck with grief after his son's passing, but he picked himself up and resolved to fill every pothole in his city.

Gurmangal Dass – The anti-drug sports coach

Addiction to drugs is a serious issue, and it has gravely affected the youth of Punjab. According to BBC News, at least one member in 66% of households in Punjab is addicted to drugs. It has not only destroyed lives but also families. One man has taken the initiative to safeguard the youth of Punjab from this plague through sports. Gurmangal Dass’ unrelenting efforts have helped more than 4000 kids being addicted to sports instead of drugs.

These ‘Invincible Indians’ made a huge difference in their societies with their brilliant initiatives. Their motives were as solid as the metal of INS Vikrant used in Bajaj V which helped them finish what they started. Bajaj salutes the undying spirit of these ‘Invincible Indians’, and if you wish to see more inspiring stories or nominate similar people then you can click here!

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