Infographic: Delhi loves North Indian, Chinese cuisine the most

In a city like Delhi, which is known for its kebabs or the chat or paranthas and its love of momos, food remains a big of part of the city's identity. Eating out or even take away is no longer a luxury for most Indian middle-class families. If you are a single person or even just a couple living in a city, you most likely eat out quite often.

And now with smartphones, you don't need to keep the take-out menus and numbers of all restaurants in the area. It's likely that you're using an app to dial for either home delivery or even booking a table.  Zomato, the popular restaurant search app, recently shared an infographic with Firstpost about what Delhi's eating habits are like based on how users were searching on the app.

So what food is Delhi craving? The answer is North Indian and Chinese. According to Zomato, some of the top key words for search are HKV aka Hauz Khaz Village, which shouldn't really come as a surprise given it has a number of popular restaurants, followed by Cyber City in Gurgaon, again a popular spot with some of NCR's top restaurants, Connaught Place, which has really come back to life post its renovation. Other key words on the list are Rajouri Garden, Butter Chicken, Pasta, Burgers.

As far the various regions of Delhi are concerned, South Delhi is obsessed with Mughali, North with South Indian, Italian is popula in Gurgaon and Central Delhi. West Delhi prefers Thai, while Biryani is the rage in East Delhi.

In terms of the average cost of a meal for two, Central Delhi is the most expensive as an average meal will cost Rs 1600, followed by South Delhi where the average cost is Rs 1120. It's no surprise that Central and South Delhi have the most expensive meals. Central Delhi has a number of five-stars hotels while South Delhi is considered the posh area of the city and eating out can be quite an expensive affair.

Check out the infographic below: Mobile users click here.

Also as the infographic shows Delhi's food lovers aren't afraid of spending more. Nearly 1/3 of them search for places, where the average meal cost is more than Rs 1500. Also Gurgaon leads in the search for nightlife spots, which isn't surprising given that this is the place where a lot of corporate offices are located and many might look to unwind in a pub post long-work hours.

Updated Date: Jan 02, 2015 16:25:11 IST