IndusInd Bank Combines the Power of Debit and Credit Card into One – IndusInd Bank Duo Card

No one is carrying around a lot of cash these days. We rely on cards, mobile apps and other tech to make our payments. Yet, the size of our wallets isn’t reducing. Why? That’s because we have to carry around multiple cards. Not all purchases are made on credit, but we also don’t want to see our bank balance getting depleted when we swipe our Debit Cards. We decide to inconvenience ourselves by carrying all the possible Debit and Credit Cards.

Which is why, enter the IndusInd Bank Duo Card, an innovative financial solution to the problem of multiple cards, powered by its tagline #KeepItSingle. Duo is a card that works both as a Debit and Credit Card. Just think about the possibilities!

 IndusInd Bank Combines the Power of Debit and Credit Card into One – IndusInd Bank Duo Card

Apart from the obvious savings in terms of space, the Duo Card offers a customer the advantages of both cards on one piece of plastic. We want to keep up with the latest fashion trends going around, we love to travel, and we love doing recreational things on weekends (and sometimes on weekdays too). IndusInd Bank recognises this and has a vast range of offers across entertainment, travel and lifestyle on the Duo Card. And every Rs. 150 spent on the card gets the customer one Reward Point.

1+1 = Magic on the Silver Screen

The IndusInd Bank Duo Card gets you one free movie ticket with every one you buy.

Travel in Style

People travel all the time, either for business or pleasure. When the world is getting smaller, the IndusInd Bank Duo Card makes sure that your rewards get larger. The ‘Travel Plus’ programme gives you access and waivers to several lounges outside India. When you spend a lot of time at the airports, make sure that you are comfortable.

Save on Fuel

IndusInd Bank Duo Card – when used as a Credit Card, gets you a 1% fuel surcharge waiver at any petrol pump in India. Not to be outdone, when used as a Debit Card, there is no surcharge levied at all.

Taking Care of You

The Duo Card doesn’t take care of you during just the good times. You can avail an air accident insurance up to Rs. 25 lakhs, insurance on lost or delayed baggage, loss of passport or ticket, missed connections, as well as total protection up to your credit limit on the Duo Credit Card. The Duo Debit Card matches the air accident cover of the Credit Card, and goes a step ahead with personal accidental death insurance of Rs. 2 lakhs, lost card liability of Rs. 3 lakhs, as well as purchase protection worth Rs. 50,000.

The best part about the IndusInd Bank Duo Card is that the Reward Points from both accounts can be combined to avail benefits. With the IndusInd Bank Duo Card, you also get just one account statement. This helps in keeping track of expenses on both Debit and Credit accounts.

IndusInd Bank is the first bank in India to launch a card like this and offer it to its customers. This two-in-one card has two magnetic stripes and two EMV Chips. Depending on what merchant you are using the card at, you may swipe or insert the card. Both chips are placed on opposite ends of the card. You have to inform the merchant what function you want to use and swipe it that way. Yes, there is a chance that the wrong end gets swiped or inserted. But there’s a simple way to mitigate this risk. Assign different PINs for the Debit and Credit functions. Simple!

The IndusInd Bank Duo Card simplifies banking for the customer and enhances their experience. In an age of instant gratification, this is a home run by the IndusInd Bank.

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Updated Date: Oct 26, 2018 10:39:23 IST