Indore's night market is a food lover's paradise: Experience it through this documentary

"Scrumptious" is a word I've always found delightful. Try saying it. What emotions does it trigger? Just saying the word makes you feel like you're eating something (delicious). It's a word that brings to mind great food, and all of the emotions associated with it.

You'll find those emotions rushing to the fore when you step into the Indore night market. Indore's Sarafaa Bazaar (translated, it means 'market of jewellery stores') transforms into a food street post-10 pm. From idli-dosa to dahi vada and paan — there's plenty of food on offer for you to savour. Foodies and people from all walks of life walk the lanes, and even if you aren't eating, it's a pleasure to even just stroll through the street.

“It's Indore's water and the warmth of the people here that makes this place worth visiting," said a patron we spoke to while filming this 'Slice Of Life' documentary.

Another fascinating part of Indore is what’s called the Chappan Bazaar. Chappan is the word for '56' and that's as many food shops as are present here. These shops specialise in age-old recipes and dishes, passed on down the generations in the chefs' families.

Watch this short documentary for a quick glimpse at the vibe and experience. If your mouth starts to water and you are wondering just what it is that makes the food here so special, pay a visit to Indore, at the heart of India.

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Updated Date: Nov 18, 2016 18:47:15 IST