Humility, Modesty, Grace: The story of Vinod Shantilal Adani

“Be impeccable with your word. Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.”

In times of lies and corruption, rare is the number of people who live by their words and choose integrity and loyalty over profit-earning and selfish needs. Vinod Shantilal Adani is one such man, rich in values that he has inherited from his family and practiced himself. His integrity determines his demeanor and guides his actions, both in his personal and professional life.

Popularly known as Vinodbhai among his community people, his life charts a career graph that is an inspiration to many, despite the hardships he faced during his childhood and the hurdles in his trading business all through.

Vinod Shantilal Adani

Vinod Shantilal Adani

A regular trading transaction in Dubai sanctioned for provision of large scale scrap material implied colossal risks in buying and delivering scrap through hired carriers and unexpected market price rise. Adani had to spend more than a whopping 50 million dollars to purchase the scrap from the market and then supply it to the buyer. Nevertheless, the goods were delivered within the specified timelines, even though the agreement was a measly verbal commitment.   A man of his words, Mr. Vinod Adani did not shy away from spending exorbitant amounts of money to fulfill his promise. With time, the markets worked in his favor and after months of recession, he overcame the loss.

Amongst his many qualities, the one that stood out through the experiences of his life is his talent of identifying and capitalizing on opportunities that come his way. At a very young age, right after he completed his post-graduate degree in Engineering from USA, Adani rolled out his own business in 1976 by setting up power looms in the name of V. R. Textile, in Bhivandi, Mumbai. Being a man with an enterprising personality and oozing with entrepreneurial skills, it was a cake walk for Adani to engage his father in his business plan. He employed his technical skills, appropriate fluency of a smooth spokesperson and strong people skills. It was no surprise for his business to have flourished, and by 1989, the trading business added new commodities to its portfolio and expanded internationally by opening an office in Singapore. Taking charge of the trading operations, Adani moved to Singapore soon after.

He moved to Dubai later in 1994 for further expansion across the Middle-Eastern countries where he started new business ventures. Mr. Vinod Adani was into purchasing of large quantities of sugar and oil from the producing countries and then selling it to the countries with demand for these goods. Later, he gradually ventured into buying Iron, Copper and Aluminium scrap as well. Today, Mr. Vinod Adani manages trading businesses in Dubai, Singapore and Jakarta.

Besides ruling on his colossal business empire, Mr. Vinod Adani enjoys a good read while his wife Ranjanben spends quality time experimenting diverse exotic cuisines. She is a valued, independent woman who actively participates in Jain social groups and women-oriented activities. The couple is known to take keen interest in Yoga as well.

Mr. Vinod Adani funded the travel, boarding, food, health, entertainment and satsang expenses for 1200 people who accompanied them to Samit Shikhar. The family has donated crores of rupees without any wish for recognition.

Through all his endavours, Mr. Vinod Adani has proved that humility and grace are the most important facets of being a truly successful and wholesome person.

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Updated Date: May 10, 2016 19:34 PM

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