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Hey 'rich ass' dog owners of Seattle: This man will walk your dog

Have you felt the sheer desperation where your hard-earned money spent on college education was not yielding in the job of your dreams?  Have you every felt incredibly desperate for some money where you were willing to do almost anything to make some? Well if you have then you will appreciate this Seattle man's plight and his creative solution- to post this awesome craigslist advertisement.

 Hey rich ass dog owners of Seattle: This man will walk your dog


If you are the one of those who work almost all day,  are too busy partying or spend a lot of time flying your girlfriend to exotic locations for holidays, you've got the perfect man to take care of your pet at home.

A man in Seattle has put out an advertisement saying that he is willing to walk the dogs of rich people. He does overnight shifts in your boathouse or your "sweet ass apartment", and assures you he will not steal your jewelry or your electronics nor will he take a bath in your foie grass buddy, don't you worry.

He's even will to sleep on your floor, sink, bathtub or share the crate with your dog.

In spite of the spelling and grammar mistakes, he seems like the "most radical, bitching, mind blowing dog- walker in all of Seattle". Help the man out all you 'rich ass' dog owners of Seattle.

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Updated Date: Jan 15, 2015 16:11:36 IST