Here’s why adulting can wait!

Growing up is overrated (but inevitable). Especially when you forget about enjoying the journey.

And truth is, we all get there in the end - at some point, we’re all going to take care of our families, get the kids off to school, become caretakers for our parents, have a home loan… the works. So why the rush?

 Here’s why adulting can wait!

Why not savour the journey instead? Take the time to figure out what it is that we want to do, who we want to be? According to a study by Tinder, “being myself” is the most important priority for Indians between the ages of 18 and 25. And we completely agree - isn’t it better to do so when the only responsibility we do have, is ourselves?

Yes, getting to the goal is super important.  But the process of how you reach there, the journey you take, is equally so. Because this is where we work it out! The wider we cast the net, the broader our experiences and the greater our connections. The more we experience, the more we understand. But if you’re Gen Z, who grew up with an internet connection, well, you already knew that, didn’t you?


Your journey to adulting is when you truly blossom into who you will later become. Learning, exploring, taking paths you wouldn’t ordinarily take, doing things that surprise and challenge you - these are the experiences worth having!

So take your time. Navigate the maze. Play the game. If that takes getting your heart broken, allow it. If that means getting your wings singed, let them be. All that matters, is how you take these in your stride, get back up stronger, and kick some more ass.

We’ll let the folks at Tinder paint you a picture here

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Updated Date: Dec 27, 2018 15:08:36 IST