Here’s how you can create killer looks for your next vacay without going for a massive shopping haul

Admit it, we’ve all been guilty of shopping for outfits and accessories before going for a vacation. And I’m not just talking about essentials, I’m talking full-fledged looks for each day. We don’t shy away from buying a different look for each day of our vacay, sometimes even more! But did you ever stop to think that maybe you can create a fresh look for every day of your vacation with only a handful of options? Well, that’s what a capsule wardrobe is.

It requires you to have a few wardrobe essentials that are flexible in nature and use other staples to create new looks for different occasions. And who says you can’t do that on a vacation too. All you need is a few staples and you can easily rock your vacation and your social media.

Here are a few ideas to reuse and upcycle your existing clothes on your vacation without going all gaga over garments.

 Here’s how you can create killer looks for your next vacay without going for a massive shopping haul

Pair it with heels and a cute sling and you are good to go.

We are not done with this dress yet. You can even wear it casually during the day when going for a brunch with your girl gang. All you have to do is, wear a basic belt around the waist to shorten the length a bit, pair it with your sneakers and put on sunglasses to complete the look.

And while we are talking about vacationing with your girl gang, there is no such thing as being too experimental. Wear a cropped jacket on top of this dress, zip it up and wear it like a skirt. Don’t forget to wear a pair of nice wedged heels with it to give it some character. Now you can roam around all night long without getting cold or having sore feet.

If your trip is more business then casual then instead of a red and flowy dress opt for a dress that’s structured and black or blue in colour.


This would be perfect for a formal dinner after a day full of meetings and conferences. Pair them with your basic black block heels and a sleek sling. Tadaa!

You might be thinking how could you reuse a formal dress for some other occasion. Easy peasy, if you are going for a beach vacation, then you can just wear a tank top with shorts and slip up this dress on top of it. You can wear this dress and do the same with your bikinis, bandeau tops and shorts. This dress can be the perfect partner for your beach vacation.


Now, let’s not forget these shorts because they are way too versatile. Pair it with a basic tank top or a crop top and you can wear it while you sunbathe during your beach vacation. Pair it with a classy black shimmery top and you are ready to party. Pair it with a cute crochet top and you are all set for a fancy lunch. See? It works like a charm.

Shorts are a very flexible option that should be in your wardrobe. Here are a few more options for you to start getting creative and managing your capsule closet.


These are a few options that you can try for your next vacation, but you can get as creative and experimental when it comes to creating new looks. So do yourself and the environment a huge favour and go the capsule way. Plus when you are vacationing, it helps you travel lighter and get so much more out of your clothes. It’s a win-win for all!

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Updated Date: Aug 07, 2019 15:07:48 IST