Good health, great taste: Zero sugar sweetener leads the way

Weaning yourself from sugar can be easy, provided you go about it in the right manner.

If you have tried the latest no-sugar diet and noticed no visible changes in your waistline, you may be considering abandoning healthy eating altogether. Pinning the blame on clever marketing is par for the course. However, in the final analysis, it all comes down to keeping up with it long enough to see results. It is not your level of motivation that is the culprit, for sure!

Even if it ebbs from time to time, your doctor’s stern warning about your diabetes spiralling out of control may be enough to get you back on track.

 Good health, great taste: Zero sugar sweetener leads the way

To be fair, giving up sugar is tough! The withdrawal symptoms of going off sugar alone can put a damper on your enthusiasm. Especially, if you are someone who thrives on it. From the daily morning chai to carbonated drinks, a sugar-induced endorphin spike can keep you going through a busy day. No wonder, walking by supermarket aisles containing sugary drinks is like battling the devil himself!

On a more serious note, our addiction to sugar has only made matters worse as a nation with more than 98 million diabetic patients. According to reports, the average Indian consumes as much as 20 kg of sugar annually, just shy of the global average of 25 kg!


Before you resign yourself to living a life without sugar, there is still hope. The Times of India reported recently that a 28-year-old techie, Ritika Bhatia, lost a whopping 15 kilos in just 6 months. As a busy professional, her sedentary lifestyle had caused her to suffer from chronic backache until she decided she needed to change.

Her formula for losing weight consistently: a combination of a healthy diet, exercise and going off sugar completely, particularly from confectionary and processed food.

While you might attribute Ritika’s astounding success to good genetics or plain good luck, you cannot deny that she made new choices. Choices that took her in a different direction in terms of health. You can do it too. All you need is a strategy. Take any good book on healthy eating and it is likely to be chock full of advice on substituting high-calorie food with organic alternatives. Sugarbeing chief among them.

Stevia, a plant-based alternative, is a safe and completely natural alternative that lets you indulge your sweet tooth minus the guilt pangs. It is free of artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose, which could potentially harm you!  As for the sweetness, it is as good as the real thing!

TATA Nx, a healthy lifestyle brand, has introduced Tata Nx Zero Sugar, a low-calorie sweetener made from  100% natural ingredients.  It is made from stevia herb extract, lactose which has been used as a bulking agent and thaumatin which is a fruit extract. What sets it apart is that it leaves no aftertaste, unlike other artificial sweeteners. If you are diabetic or simply want to live a healthier life, Tata Nx Zero Sugar is an excellent sugar replacement sweetener.

Available in jar and sachet variants, it can slip easily into your office bag. Now, second and third servings of your favourite chai/coffee do not have to be imaginary any more with Zero Sugar by your side!

Now, you can start your day fresh and sweet with a piping hot cup of tea with Tata Nx Zero Sugar.

Backed by the storied TATA brand name, it offers freedom from having to choose between health and satisfying your taste buds. If you have been struggling to give up sugar in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, Tata Nx zero sugar comes to your rescue.

It is perfectly safe for consumption by all age groups, young and old. Why go for harmful Sucralose or Aspartame based sweeteners when you can enjoy the goodness of natural ingredients.


By opting for healthy alternatives preferred by a growing number of health-conscious people around the world, you too can reclaim your life from diabetes or obesity and enjoy the freedom that it brings! RakhoMithaasBarkarar!!

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Updated Date: Aug 28, 2019 10:59:21 IST