Girl students fitter than boys finds survey, but school children's health at abysmal levels

School going girl children were found to be fitter than boys in a survey conducted across the country. However, the physical fitness standards of school children across genders were found to be alarmingly low.

The sixth Annual Health and Fitness Survey, conducted by EduSports, a school sports and physical education company, reveals that across geographies, city types and gender, children are displaying alarming physical fitness standards

The survey found:

• 64 per cent girls were found to have healthier BMI scores compared to 58 per cent boys. Boys outscored girls in the case of lower body strength
• Children who undergo a structured sports program are fitter. Around 74 per cent kids in schools running a structured sports program fared were good at sprints compared to 66 per cent kids in schools which ran a general sports program
• 70 per cent of students with 3 physical education periods in schools produced fitter kids against 67 percent in schools which gave only 2 PE periods
• 74 per cent of kids in schools that have a structured sports programs was found to have fared better in sprints than 66 per cent in schools which do not have such programs

 Girl students fitter than boys finds survey, but school childrens health at abysmal levels

Courtesy: EduSports

Global recommendations on physical activity for children aged 5-17 years calls for at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity every day.

In India, in spite of widespread awareness on the importance of sports and physical activity, fitness levels among school children in this age group continue to be less than optimal, the survey results points out.

Updated Date: Dec 31, 2015 19:35:23 IST