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'Get a new brain': Famed physicist Cox, Buzz Aldrin respond to moon landing conspiracy theorists

It's been 46 years since our favourite astronaut said, "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."

 Get a new brain: Famed physicist Cox, Buzz Aldrin respond to moon landing conspiracy theorists

Buzz Aldrin stands beside a solar wind experiment next to the Lunar Module spacecraft on the surface of the moon. Reuters

On 20 July, 1969, American astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin created history when they landed on the moon, Armstrong becoming the first man to step on the moon.

However, 46 years down the historic event, the conspiracy theories around the moon landing have refused to die down as a section of people still claim that the moon landing was actually a hoax and the entire event was staged.

While some believe that the moon landing was filmed in a studio in Las Vegas or that Armstrong and Aldrin were on a soundstage instead of the moon, some people even believe that the moon landing 'hoax' was actually directed by Stanley Kubrick, who also made 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Scientists and astronauts, however, are tired of the countless conspiracy theories. The sharpest response to the moon land conspiracy theories, which began appearing in tweets after the 46th anniversary on Monday, came by British physicist Brian Cox, who advised the conspiracy theorists to "get a new brain".

Buzz Aldrin also tweeted in support of Cox, saying that if the moon landing was indeed a hoax, the Russians would have exposed the Americans by now.

Aldrin also tweeted some stunning, nostalgic and awe-inspiring pictures of the moon-landing, enough to make anyone emotional.

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Updated Date: Jul 22, 2015 16:36:49 IST

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