Fun activities to do on a road trip for different personality types!

Make sure you are parked safely with indicators on as you click those pictures on your road trip.

FP Studio August 30, 2019 15:26:15 IST
Fun activities to do on a road trip for different personality types!

It goes without saying that road trips are fun. You get to sit in a car without the need of getting to a place in a hurry, everyone’s relaxed and enjoying each other’s company, the view slowly starts to get better with time, and of course, loads of delicious snacks! Even after so many positives, road trips, like almost everything, are not perfect.


The biggest downside to a road trip is boredom, especially if you are covering a long distance. But we won’t let that happen to you, and for that, we have a list of amazing activities for different types of people, so no one ever gets bored. And also, so that you have a safe trip!

The DJ


The life of the party! The first thing this person does as they enter the car is, ask for the AUX Cable, or connect their Bluetooth! Their taste in music better be good or the trip is doomed with trash music playing for hours. These people are also very sensitive so don’t hurt their feelings by dismissing their music. Handle with care. Also, if you are the DJ on your road trip, make sure you keep the AUX cable at bay and don’t create issues for the driver by getting the cable entangled with the gears.

The Gamer


These people need to be playing some game or the other. Be it Antakshari, dumb charades, or ‘Spot the dog’ while on a road trip, this enthu-cutlet can’t handle silence and needs to be doing something or the other! Indulge them. And also make sure no game distracts the driver since their prime focus needs to be on the road! Play well and play safe.

The Foodie


Some sleep. Some binge-watch shows. Some play music. And for some, a long road trip is just an excuse to indulge in snacks and food all the way. Their suitcase has more food and fewer clothes for the trip! But no one is complaining, because what’s a long trip without a little munching on the side? That being said, the driver needs to be aware and not let eating food be a distraction to driving. ‘Don’t Eat & Drive’ is also as important as ‘Don’t Drink & Drive’, if not more. Remember these two mantras for safe driving!

The Sleeper 


We get it. The rhythmic movement of the car, the cool breeze blowing in through the open windows; these might lull many to sleep, and many prefer that as well. But make sure if you are going on a long road trip, you are in the back seat. A sleepy shotgun passenger might also affect the driver, which is really risky.

The ‘Can you stop here for a moment’ guy

Some people don’t like to be confined in a car for hours. Some get the itch to stretch their legs, breathe in some fresh air, have tea every half an hour, or use the washroom regularly. Every group has one of these people. If you are that person, make sure that you don’t ask the driver to stop randomly and in the middle of a busy road. Distracting the driver with your demands might lead to accidents. Wait for a stop and gently ask them to halt for a moment!

The Photographer


A DSLR camera or the latest iPhone, some people are all about the scenery. Be it sitting near the window and taking time lapses, or ask to stop the moment you spot a good setting or a great looking sky, you will have one such friend for sure! Make sure you are parked safely with indicators on as you click those pictures on your road trip.

Let's make this journey really happy by making sure you follow road safety rules and ask your family and friends to do the same. Take the #RoadToSafety pledge and #DriveResponsibily. Click here to #JoinThePack and vow to #NeverDrinkAndDrive.

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