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#Followmeto: Murad Osmann on how he got the idea for his prolific Instagram account

One of the chicest husband and wife duo Murad and Nataly Osmann, co-creators of the Instagram phenomenon #FollowMeTo, are best known for their globe trotting ways and and Nataly's assortment of clothes and jewelry, sourced from small designers across the world. From their hometown Moscow to the streets of India, the couple has been everywhere. Here's a glimpse at how Murad Osman came about creating his account:

What do you and your wife do other than these beautiful Instagram shoots? Could you tell us more about your career graph?

Before the project began to gain followers, we worked with Natalayjust like all other people, five days a week and on weekends escaped in a short trip. I have my own production company the hype, I founded a long time, and this is my main job. Natasha was a journalist. But now it looks like this project has taken all of our time.
How did you come up with the idea of the #FollowMeTo series? 

The story has started on our first trip together to Barcelona. We were very young, very much in love, and absolutely carefree. We were strolling along sunny narrow streets, chatting, laughing, and, of course, taking lots of photos. All of a sudden Natasha looked away and pulled me forward, and that was the moment when he caught ‘that shot’!

You and your wife travel the world together and have been to the most picturesque and beautiful locations. Is there any special place that holds memories or significance in your life?

Such a place exists and it is India! We've been there 4 times already, and each time is an unforgettable experience! It is a place of power and spirituality, which always want to come back.

The story that we tell as often as the story of our first picture is shot in the Taj Mahal for the first time. We woke up very early to take a picture on a blank area, and there was already full of tourists, its 4 o'clock in the morning! In order to get a really fabulous shot, our friends kept people behind the scenes, and we quickly snapped camera to get this precious frame.

Is the popularity of the Instagram account overwhelming? We have a very long time to do the project for themselves and loved ones. After the first shot took one and a half years prior to that moment as the press drew attention to us. Viral effects can be seen after publication at Reddit, in the Daily Mail and Buzzfeed. Everything happened really suddenly! Simply we have published on the front page, and after received a proposal from Google about the collaboration. We did not become world stars (laughs), but as soon as we receive a pose for a photo, people immediately begin to get to know us! So we are the heroes of our frame, nothing more! Which is the best parody account that you have come across? I like the picture with a cat and a dog that pulled his paw to their owners and of course with a fridge. The most memorable story was a Taiwanese couple, where the girl was dragging with a guy by the hair and nose was the cutest!  Both of you keep coming to India. The place seems to hold a special significance for you? A special place is the city of Udaipur on the water, the blue city of Jodhpur and Varanasi, because there is a tremendous energy.

Any particular location in India that you have been particularly attached to?

The Taj Mahal, which was the second symbol of our project, after Follow Me To. Picture three stints on the cover of the world's magazines: National Geographic and Harper’s Bazaar, and also became the most viral in the history of the project. Recently, by the way, we tried to repeat it in a new light and from a different angle, to thereby obtain a flurry of comments and publications in various media. And now we can safely conclude that this is our place!

Any funny stories from your India trip that you would like to share?

Always remember the story how the Chand Baori security tried to catch us for trespassing. While our friends are distracted at the entrance, we crept inside, but we had just a few minutes to do everything. Just then we were seen running smoothly and I clicked the camera to catch. Repeating over and over, "Nataly, abstracts, and do not pay attention, we need a picture." That's how to get one of the best shots from India.

As a couple, does India hold a special place in yours and Ms. Nataly Osmann's heart because of its ability to inspire romance?

Yes, this story is very inspiring us! Here, for example, during our last trip, we had an Indian wedding in the traditional style.

What is next for you? Any future plans?

Now we are actively engaged in creating videos for various city routes. After the show on Russian television, we have decided to devote more attention to the video content. This year we will finish the tour guides for the home country. Already released draft Kamchatka, very soon will be presented to the St. Petersburg and Moscow. With this format, we can talk about all that's left overs #Followmeto, and to show the main sights. Video on Kamchatka is already available to view on our YouTube channel:

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