First mockumentary 'Not Fit' to be out on TVFPlay today

The first episode of Season 1 of Not Fit will be released on TVFPlay ( today. It chronicles the humorous adventures of Neerav Kapoor (Nero), struggling actor and quintessential fool, as he tries to make his mark as an actor in the entertainment industry. There are 10 episodes in all.

Made in the same format as cult hits like The Office, Parks and Recreation, and Modern Family, this series is shot as a mockumentary, with everything from the lines to the camera movement being scripted, but designed to look improvised and on-the-fly. The dialogues are conversational and the humor comes as much from the behavior of characters as it does from various punch lines.

Not Fit. Screengrab from YouTube video

Not Fit. Screengrab from YouTube video

The series is written and directed by Sudev Nair, an FTII graduate and recipient of the Kerala State Film Award for Best Actor, who also plays the lead role of Nero.

Dice Media, which is the premium video division of Pocket Aces, developed and produced the series in-house, working closely with Nair, the creator of the show. The prequel/preview to the series called Finding Nero is now playing on YouTube.

The new format

Aniruddh Pandita and Ashwin Suresh, Co-Founders of Pocket Aces, were college batch mates who studied electrical engineering before creating Pocket Aces which leverages technology to create and distribute content for the Indian audience. “We wanted to push the content innovation boundaries with this show and we feel we have done a good job on that front. We have worked extremely hard and have taken a massive risk to create a format that has never been done before,” they said

The company runs two brands: Dice Media – a digital video division where it has created two web products: a web series (seasonal format shows with 10-15 minute episodes) and shorts (3-5 minute satire, spoofs, and PSAs). Data analytics are used extensively to create and analyze content, understand audiences, optimize distribution, and build community.

The other brand, FilterCopy is a mixed-media offering for all things shareable. This is a general interest publication that creates shareable content using interesting social formats like lists, quizzes, sliders, etc. This division also creates shorter-than short format (STSF) video content, which is under two minutes in length. These are fun videos that are meant for the “bored-at-work” audience and can be seen on the go.

Pandita and Suresh say that with the advent of social media and the rise of the smartphone, media creation and consumption patterns are rapidly changing. “We believe that the media company of the future needs to have a strong technology DNA and understand social sharing.

A link from the prequel video

Updated Date: Dec 17, 2015 11:27 AM

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