Faced with acute poverty, girl puts herself up for sale on Facebook

Faced with acute poverty, a woman from Vadodara has decided to 'put herself on sale'. In a Facebook post, Chandni Rajgaur posted her picture and announced 'Chandni bikau hai' (Chandni is on sale).

 Faced with acute poverty, girl puts herself up for sale on Facebook

Image from her Facebook page

The Vadodara girl said that she decided to sell herself to earn a living for her family that includes a paralysed mother and an injured father.

Firstpost, however, cannot vouch for the authenticity of the post.

Chandni told Zee Media that she has no money left for the treatment of her parents. "My mother has been ailing from paralysis for long, and even my father, who provided for the family, recently met with an accident and has been bedridden."

The girl told Dainik Bhaskar that it is a shameful act, but she was bound to take this step as she faces a financial crisis and is the only bread earner of the family.

Her Facebook page says that she works with the Bharatiya Janata Party.

People commented on her post saying that it's not the right thing to do and they will help her find a solution. Chandni replied saying 'aur koi rasta nahi hai' (There's no other way).

However, Chandni told Zee Media that most of the people who have contacted her so far have tried to exploit and not help her.

In 2012, a 38-year-old Deborah Bowen from England decided to sell herself on eBay, having had no proper employment for over two years. Bowen went from a £33,000 per year role in sales, to looking for jobs where she’s willing to do almost ‘anything’ for a living.

Updated Date: Nov 28, 2014 09:28:55 IST