ET reinforces idea that Deepika-Bombay Times spat is a fix

By Anant Rangaswami

It’s about 40 hours since I said that I suspected that the entire Deepika Padukone – Bombay Times brouhaha was a fix and not a real war .

 ET reinforces idea that Deepika-Bombay Times spat is a fix

Courtesy: ibn live

“I'll believe it's a real battle if we see a spokesperson from the management side making a statement on the issue. I'll believe it's a real battle if the story is discussed in the main paper tomorrow,” I had written.

I tweeted out the link to the article, taking care to tag both Ms. Padukone and Bombay Times.

Neither has responded, underlining my belief that the whole thing is a marketing game.

This morning’s papers reinforce that belief.

ET Panache, on page 6, has a story headlined “140 shades of red”, with the strap saying “Rupert Murdoch is the latest celeb to rant on Twitter. Here is a look at those who tweeted their tantrums to the world:”

The list comprises Murdoch, Miley Cyrus, Preity Zinta, Charlie Sheen, Sonam Kapoor and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Surprise, surprise, there’s no mention of Deepika Padukone.

The surprise is greater because thee strap uses the word ‘latest’ to describe the ranters, while the copy tells us that Zinta’s rant was in May 2014 and Parker’s rant was in April 2014.

Padukone’s rant was in September 2014, surely earning the tag ‘latest’ by comparison with the other entries.

By innuendo, therefore, do we presume that Padukone is not a celeb or that her updates on Twitter do not qualify as a rant?

Or do we get used to the idea that the Padukone controversy is, simply, a marketing gimmick?

Updated Date: Sep 24, 2014 09:47:24 IST