DOSSMODE releases ‘The Nation Wants to Know’ a satirical take on news broadcasting on Indian television

This collaboration with DOSSMODE, is his first step into the genre of music videos.

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DOSSMODE releases ‘The Nation Wants to Know’ a satirical take on news broadcasting on Indian television

DOSSMODE aka Dheerendra Doss, a Bengaluru based music composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist and singer, has just released his new song ‘The Nation Wants to Know’, in collaboration with lyricist Aarti R. Shetty and animator Praveen Jude Brown. The song, conceptualized and written by Aarti, is a satirical take on news broadcasting on television today. It’s an ode to the in-your-faceness, the loud decibels, the very nature of this section of the news media that ‘sells’ current affairs, tragedies and calamities – all in the name of ‘breaking news’. The music composed, produced, performed, mixed and mastered by Dossmode, is a peppy, dance number with a haunting, sing-along-to tune.

DOSSMODE releases The Nation Wants to Know a satirical take on news broadcasting on Indian television

Aarti Shetty is a creative writer from Bengaluru, who grew up in suburban Bombay. She began dabbling in poetry at age 11 and landed by default as a copywriter in advertising after her Masters in Mass Communications & Journalism, for which she bagged a Gold Medal. Agency life starting with Hakuhodo Percept, then Mudra Communications and finally JWT Bengaluru, saw her being involved with brands like Lifestyle, Times of India (Kannada), Vijay Karnataka, Bangalore Mirror, Levi’s, Levi Strauss Signature, MAX fashion, Nike, Home Centre, Columbia Asia Hospitals, Lipton Tea (UAE), Spice Telecom, Peter England, TTK Prestige and Coffee Day Perfect, among others. Though, it was scripting for the audio visual medium that caught her fancy from the very start. Song writing to her is a kind of blood-letting, she admits. After quitting agency life about seven years ago, she has been freelancing as a creative writer. She also pens articles for whenever something arrests her attention. ‘The Nation Wants to Know’ is her very first song from her first Hinglish album with DOSSMODE.

Dossmode’s musical journey began at the tender age of 5, as music seemed to flow naturally through him. Up until class 12, music was only a “serious passion”. His entry into professional music was as a keyboardist and music producer with Bollywood singer/ actress Vasundhara Das. He has performed over 100 shows all over the world with her and also worked on original music production for films. His next venture was a very popular and successful parody rock band called ‘Live Banned’, known best for its whacky musical mash-ups like ‘Shape of you – Indian style’, which took the internet by storm with a cumulative view of 20 million and counting. The band’s satirical originals like ‘The Auto Tune’ and ‘Death Dance’, are award winning songs in the independent music circles.

Today, Dossmode is considered as an eminent face among the new wave of music directors and has gained widespread acclaim for his music direction in the award winning Kannada feature film Puta Thirugisi Nodi (Please Turn Over). The music was hailed as a path-breaker for Kannada cinema in many popular newspapers like The Times of India, Hindu, Deccan Herald, etc. Dossmode has also worked on several jingle projects for brands like TVS, Discovery Channel, VMware, Sony, Indian Railways, etc.

Dossmode and Aarti Shetty’s partnership technically began when Dheerendra was still pursuing his engineering and dabbling in his passion for music, in the form of a garage band. An association that began then was renewed in 2015 when he approached Aarti again for this EDM Hinglish album that he wanted to personally produce as DOSSMODE. The Nation Wants to Know is their first release. They plan to bring out a whole collection of songs one after the other, all through this year. Each song will pick on something, giving it a quirky satirical angle. They believe that each song has a distinct flavour of its own. They promise that all the numbers are peppy, high on fun and the kind you’d want to shake-a-leg to.

The video for this first song ‘The Nation Wants to Know’, has been animated by Praveen Jude Brown of Brown Sugar Toons. Praveen is a 2D animator from IIT-IDC Mumbai, who is passionate and driven about creating original cartoons, caricatures and animating them with timing. His inspiration, he says comes from the legends of the animation world, such as; Genndy Tartakovsky, Tex Avery, Bob Clampett and Vaibhav Kumaresh. This collaboration with DOSSMODE, is his first step into the genre of music videos.

When asked to elaborate more about the song and its impact on the audiences, the makers say, “Yes the nation probably wants to know, but does it really ask to be verbally and visually assaulted thus in its living rooms? Being updated about the world around us is one thing, to be bombarded by it, minute after minute, is quite another. Our song is merely pondering over this, all in good humour of course”.

Check out the video below!

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