Does freedom exist? Writers come together to discuss the question at HarperCollins' upcoming debate

In a world where old borders are being broken and newer ones are being built, where women, men, and children are defining greater possibilities and starting new revolutions every day, the idea of ‘freedom’, whether as individuals or as a society, seems to be in a constant state of flux. What entails freedom, after all? While the dictionary, in a nutshell, likes to explain it as the state of “not being imprisoned or enslaved” — under various circumstances and scenarios — the real world upholds its values through countless measures, acts, and policies. Does freedom have a shape? A voice? A colour, or a language of its own? Or is it merely an abstraction of events leading to a conclusion meant to fit someone’s narrative?

Does freedom exist? — In an attempt to answer this question, which holds resounding relevance in our times, HarperCollins India is set to host yet another edition of ‘The Debate’ on 8 August, after its first one in April this year.

 Does freedom exist? Writers come together to discuss the question at HarperCollins upcoming debate

'The Debate: Does Freedom Exist?', hosted by HarperCollins India.

The previous edition, ‘Read Before You Vote’, was centred on the recently concluded 2019 Lok Sabha Elections, with panelists like former Chief Election Commissioner, Navin Chawla, and former army chief, JJ Singh, debating over the issue. This time, writers Taslima Nasreen, Tanuj Solanki, and Aanchal Malhotra take the stage to demystify the meaning of freedom, and whether it really exists. The session will be moderated by Akash Banerjee of TheDeshBhakt.

From left: Taslima Nasrin, Tanuj Solanki, Aanchal Malhotra

From left: Taslima Nasreen, Tanuj Solanki, Aanchal Malhotra

HarperCollins India’s ‘The Debate: Does Freedom Exist?’ will be held on 8 August, 2019, 6 pm - 8 pm, at India International Centre, New Delhi.

Updated Date: Aug 07, 2019 02:44:28 IST