Dear ToI, don't blame Deepika: Social media comes to actress' defence

Deepika Padukone may have thought that the verbal duel over her cleavage with the Times of India would be over after she wrote a piece on Facebook titled 'My Point of View' and said 'for me, the topic ends here.' But, the newspaper is unwilling to let things rest.

After a week of argument over whether Deepika is right in showing her cleavage or whether ToI is wrong to publish an article titled, 'OMG: Deepika Padukone's cleavage show,' the newspaper has come out with another article justifying its stand and accusing the actress of 'hypocrisy.'

 Dear ToI, dont blame Deepika: Social media comes to actress defence

A screen grab of Deepika Padukone in the song 'Lovely'

But, it seems social media is not too happy with ToI's response.

When ToI posted their piece on Facebook, this is what the commentators had to say:

Ashwin Verleker: I can't believe that you are actually justifying the cheapness!

Arsheena Piya: This doesn't change anything TOI. You're making a bigger fool of yourself trying to give further clarifications lol. Yes, please get a life.

Prasila Singh: Get over it TOI and shame on you. You dont own her body or her opinion.

Puja Bhattacharyya: The Times of India Its just appalling how you keep justifying 'your actions' and pile the blame on Deepika

Here are some of the responses on Twitter:

But, then some on Twitter thought that ToI was right in saying that Deepika brought the issue up only for publicity:

And a few thought that Deepika's cleavage is an embarrassment for the nation:

And then, there were those who were above the ToI-Deepika fiasco. They had some insightful things to say:

Updated Date: Sep 22, 2014 13:07:44 IST