Daily Horoscope for 21 January: Check astrological prediction for all zodiac signs this Thursday

Horoscope Today News, 20 December, 2021: Are the stars lined up in your favour? Read your daily horoscope predictions for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

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Daily Horoscope for 21 January: Check astrological prediction for all zodiac signs this Thursday

Horoscope Today News, Are the stars lined up in your favour? Find out the astrological prediction for 20 January

Your daily dose of astrological prediction is here! Under Friday’s skies, a few zodiac signs will take the help of associates in business as their workload will get tougher, while others going through financial problems will heave a sigh of relief.  Those in love will find their relationship getting stronger.

Tip for the day – Stay away from gossip and negative thinking; it will ruin your character.

Check your horoscope here:

Aries: (21 March - 19 April): 

You might share your feelings with your loved one, today. Under Friday’s skies, you will be excited to get excellent results in higher education. There would be financial gains from import-export related businesses, so keep a track on all your dealings. Children will work to rectify their mistakes; hence making their parents proud. Advice for the day- remain careful while finalising new business contracts,  research and then go ahead with any plan.

Taurus: (20 April - 20 May): 

Always remain cautious while conducting online transactions with unknown people. Today, you may participate in discussions on philosophical topics. There are high chances of losses for those in small industries; be vigilant and alert. Due to the pandemic, there might be a slowdown in hotel and restaurant businesses. Advice for the day- don’t interfere in matters of other people. Under Friday’s skies, your marital relationship will be romantic.

Gemini: (21 May - 20 June):

All your pending work will resume fast and gather good momentum in the coming days. Always remember that a strong consumer base will keep your business steady and progressive. Due to your good work, your respect will increase among family and friends. Furthermore, it wouldn’t be difficult to persuade your family about your love marriage, so go ahead. Today, elderly people will feel nostalgic.

Cancer: (21 June - 22 July): 

Under Friday’s skies, you might borrow money to keep your business operations steady. Owing to your good will and personality, your reputation will be good in society. Some diabetes patients may have  health-related issues, so take care. You need to avoid stressful situations this Friday as it will only lead to tension and problems. As the day proceeds, your mind will be entangled in baseless activities.

Leo: (23 July - 22 August): 

There will be favourable circumstances at the workplace making your day perfect. In the coming days, your financial condition will remain strong and that will make you confident. Despite your busy schedule, you will spend quality time with family and friends this Friday. The day is especially important for people associated with artistic fields, so make the most of it.  Some people will see romance blossoming in their life this Friday.

Virgo: (23 August - 22 September):

 It’s not the right time to make plans or go out, try to avoid travelling for pleasure or vacationing. At the workplace, you might face problems due to some mean people around. Keep your behaviour humble no matter what the situation is. Some of you may complain of pain in the lower back due to the weather. Few might get attracted by the idea of extramarital affairs in the coming days, but your conscience will always be on your side.

Libra: (23 September - 22 October):

Libras are going to have a good day, as there are high chances of success in job interviews. Moreover, your thoughts and ideas will greatly impress others. Under Today’s skies, there might be some positive changes in the lives of your elder siblings. Today, you will complete all your hindered work that has been unnoticed for a while.

Scorpio: (23 October - 21 November): 

Small advice for Scorpios, don’t trust your subordinates much as they will not have your best interests at heart. Today, you will enjoy sumptuous meals with family or friends. You might take the help of your associates in business due to excessive workload. Also, your financial problems will get resolved soon. Construction-related work will gather momentum this Friday.

Sagittarius: (22 November - 21 December): 

Very soon you will get opportunities to prove your talent, so be ready for the right time. Your good luck will favour you today, either in personal or professional work. There are chances of foreign travel, so keep your fingers crossed. Always take guidance from your parents and mentors, who will support you till the end.

Capricorn: (22 December - 19 January): 

Your investments in insurance policies will return handsome profits soon. Many of you will be a bit stressed regarding your job but that should not stop you from reaching your goal. During any discussion or interaction, you may not articulate your thoughts and arguments effectively. Under Friday’s skies, you may waste money on unnecessary activities, so kindly keep a check on your finances. Also, don’t react impulsively to rumours, keep calm and maintain peace.

Aquarius: (20 January - 18 February): 

The day is favourable for making up with friends who are upset with you. There will be success in government-related work; so, remember to utilise the day completely. Few of you will get excellent results with little effort. In the coming days, you might expand your family business that will bring benefits to all. Furthermore, your family may conduct an auspicious ceremony soon.

Pisces: (19 February - 20 March):

Pisces are advised to remain careful from your hidden enemies. Your family members may misinterpret your words so try not to hurt the feelings of others. You may have a quarrel with a female co-worker at your workplace this Friday. There will be a surge in import-export related businesses; so, keep up the good work and do well. Your boss may get displeased with you for some reason but you can change his temperament through your professional attitude.

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