China customs official stop man with 'weird walk', find 94 iPhones strapped to his body

An iPhone is to die for. Well at least in China. According to report on Mashable, a Hong Kong citizen was arrested by customs officials at the airport after they found that he had 94 iPhones strapped all over his body.

According to the Chinese news report on 11 January, the man who was wearing a red sweatshirt and black trousers aroused suspicion among the officials as due to his weird walking posture. Considering he had 94 phones strapped all over, we're guessing that the walk was bound to be noticeable.

While his baggage was all fine, when the man walked through the metal detector it set off a loud alarm (as it would have) and thus the passenger was taken aside.

 China customs official stop man with weird walk, find 94 iPhones strapped to his body

The man and his iPhones.

Inspectors then found that the passenger had strapped 94 iPhones all over his chest, abdomen, thigh, calf you name it. Not a very successful smuggling stint.

Where Hong Kong is concerned, this kind of smuggling is typical and while the iPhone usually hits Hong Kong first, the delayed launch in China this year meant a lot of smuggled phones being taken into the mainland.

Sadly it didn't work out for this gentleman. Of  course, the iPhone continues to be the source of bizarre stories from China.

Previously we had noted how a Chinese programmer in Guangzhou, got 99 iPhone 6 devices together in the shape of a heart in order to propose to his girlfriend, ahead of Singles Day, a Chinese holiday which is celebrated on 11 November and encourages single people to get hitched.

The photos of the boy standing next to the heart made of iPhones went viral on China's Twitter equivalent Weibo. Sadly the 99 iPhones weren't good enough to convince the girl to say yes.


Updated Date: Jan 13, 2015 11:49:27 IST