Bringing Light to Billions of People

How can we bring light to billions of people?

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Bringing Light to Billions of People

Billionaire businessman and philanthropist Manoj Bhargava was taught early in life that the wealthy have a duty to help those that don’t have the resources to sustain themselves. These words never left Bhargava as he successfully built his business empire. The founder of the Five-hour Energy drink has now turned his attention to bringing energy to the billions that do not have it.

Bhargava says “every single one of us has the same basic needs. Lights, health and water. But a third of the world has no electricity, how can we get electricity to their homes? How can we bring light to billions of people?” To understand how he could make a difference Bhargava spent time in the villages with no electricity. What he found out was that the villagers really only needed a light and to charge their cell phones “one light bulb and their whole evening is productive.”

To meet the challenge of lighting up the villages Bhargava turned to his invention shop Stage 2, in Farmington Hills, Michigan (USA). The engineers turned their minds to creating a set of solutions that would deliver free electricity to villages. Their answer: the HANS PowerPack, HANS Solar BriefCase and the HANS Free Electric Bike.

HANS PowerPack

The portable HANS PowerPack allows households without electricity to easily generate and store power for basic uses, such as lights, fans and mobile devices. The PowerPack can be recharged for free using the built-in solar panel, the HANS Solar BriefCase, or the HANS Free Electric bike. It can also be plugged into a regular wall socket and charged off the grid. It includes onboard lighting, a USB port and a 12-volt outlet for running small electronics. The HANS PowerPack is constructed with tough materials. It’s not easily broken and it’s made to last. Each HANS PowerPack comes with a 12-year warranty.

HANS Solar Briefcase

The HANS Solar BriefCase is a lightweight, portable, and simple-to-use set of solar panels designed for charging the HANS PowerPack from anywhere. Created with portability and durability in mind, the HANS Solar BriefCase avoids the serious problems that make glass rooftop panels impractical for poor, remote communities. For a rural household, school, or small business that lacks reliable electricity, the combination of the HANS Solar BriefCase and PowerPack will meet most electrical needs.

HANS Free Electric Bike

Bringing Light to Billions of People

The HANS Free Electric bike is another option for charging the HANS PowerPack. Like the Solar BriefCase, there’s no utility bill and no need to buy fuel. But with the HANS Free Electric bike, there’s also no need to wait for the sun to shine. Here’s how it works: A person pedals the hybrid bicycle, which drives a flywheel system, which turns a generator, which charges the HANS PowerPack. Pedaling for one-hour yields a day’s worth of electricity for an average rural household. It’s electricity on demand.

Bhargava says the HANS products gives villages an opportunity to study, work and use the dark hours of the evening productively. “The number of things that happen once you have electricity is unending. It is what created all the wealth in the world,” says Bhargava. Now with his combination of products he is giving the other half of the world the opportunity they never had.

Check out Bhargava’s vision and his plans to improve the lives of billions here.

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