Brekker on the go: oatmeal breakfast bars

Breakfast bars are a perfect way to enjoy breakfast on the go. It takes minutes to assemble and then you’ve got to let it sit in the oven for an hour before it’s golden, nutty and full of flavour. I’d add a teaspoon of cinnamon to the mixture before popping it into the oven.

Oatmeal breakfast bars are healthy and tasty option. Image source

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"I am addicted to these, and so is everyone I give them to. Although they're quick to throw together, they do take nearly an hour to bake, so what I suggest is, make a batch at the weekend and then you will have the oaty, chewy bars ready and waiting for those days when you have to snatch breakfast on the hoof."

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Shaheen writes about her quest for the perfect chocolate chip cookie and baking escapades on The Purple Foodie.

Updated Date: May 18, 2011 22:56 PM

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