Best pieces of advice from Hassu the auto-rickshaw driver striving for a change!

What does it take to be a green warrior, a climate change crusader, and above all a protector of Mother Earth? They say that charity begins at home, or in this case with a quirky auto rickshaw.

This is not an ordinary passenger vehicle by any means. It has plant saplings on its roof, a dustbin near the passenger seat, pro-environment painted slogans that read ‘I never talk trash, I only talk compost’ and pots of succulents above its dashboard. How very millennial!

Full marks to its witty driver, the autowallah Hassu who never misses a chance to talk about the environment and imparts wisdom from Kabir’s poetry, the Bhagavad Gita and even Shakespeare’s writings. His audience consists of lucky passengers and friends.

Where does one find Hassu? He is the lead character of Sony Liv’s newest show ‘Hawa Badle Hassu’ powered by GAIL. As the show goes live, here are a few precious pieces of information, witty jibes and advise from the humorous Hassu;

“Anger causes complete delusion. Thereby, it muddles the memory and depletes human intelligence.”

 Best pieces of advice from Hassu the auto-rickshaw driver striving for a change!

“Clean and natural spring water doesn’t belong to you or me. It’s available for everyone to use and drink.”


“Who needs a gas cylinder these days? Gas flows like water in pipes. One can use piped gas for cooking food. Just as autos run on compressed natural gas (CNG), kitchens run on piped natural gas (PNG). It’s ultra-convenient and there’s no pollution, no leakage and causes no illness.


“We are just playing our role in the world. So, consider it a stage. Don’t take it too seriously. Just play.”


“As we get busy pursuing an MBA to get a job, tally balance sheets and worry about our employer’s profits and losses, who is monitoring environmental loss-es. What is the point of a college degree with the singular intention of securing a job? A real job has a larger impact; that of benefitting more than one person and securing humanity in the process."


Hassu questions the integrity of a man who drives an SUV and covers his face to protect himself from air pollution. After all, a mighty SUV is a giant oil guzzler which produces an incredible amount of smoke polluting the environment. He subtly encourages the passenger to move to natural fuel.


These lines are by the famous Indian mystic Kabir - I earnestly looked for evil in the world and found nothing. Then I looked within and discovered the biggest evil. The gist of these wise lines points towards soul searching to improve oneself rather than looking for fault in others.


With such visuals and dialogues, audiences are encouraged to rethink about the environment with Sony Liv’s  ‘Hawa Badle Hassu.

GAIL partnered with the show as their mission is to enhance the quality of life through clean energy. They aim to be the leader in natural gas while creating value in a sustainable manner with utmost responsibility towards the environment.

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Updated Date: Jul 17, 2019 10:21:57 IST