Based on your star sign, we can predict which traffic law you will break!

 Based on your star sign, we can predict which traffic law you will break!

Are you one of those people who scoff at others who go through their horoscopes every day? Well, you are about to get your mind blown, because we will predict which traffic laws you might break in the future… based on your star sign.

Aries - Angry and stubborn is your thing. There is no doubt that you will overtake where you are not supposed to, consequences what may be.

Taurus - Tit for tat is your way to go. If somebody overtakes you on the road, there is a good chance you will race them to the next junction. And probably end up in trouble, too.

Gemini: You tend to be mischievous, and this is why you will be driving on the wrong side of the road, just because you can? The rules are there so you can break it.

Cancer: You are famous for being a hopeless romantic. If you see a man running across the road to his loved one when it is very clear that you should never do that, it is probably a Cancerian.

Leo: Notorious for your pride. If you get called out on the road for making a traffic rule faux-pas, the Leo in you will yell right back at them, denying everything.

Virgo: Tend to be perfectionists. If you are a Virgo, you will say no to the helmet, because what if you’re gelled up and set hair gets messed up? You do not get that perfect air-dried wind-ruffled look!

Libra: You are usually diplomatic and fair. Which is why if someone honks unnecessarily at you, you will think it just as fair to honk even louder back at them!

Scorpio: For you, the thrill of racing is diabolical. The Scorpio in you is not going to pass out on the opportunity to speed up and take over the guy driving in front of you, no matter what the risk is. Here comes the speeding ticket!

Sagittarius: The infamous Sagittarius obstinacy will shine through when you are at a red light. You will race past it, prepared to deal with the consequences when you have to.

Capricorn: Ambition will no doubt inspire you to test your speed limits. Pretty soon, you will end up pulled aside by a cop and all you can say is, "I wanted to be the fastest!"

Aquarius: Free-spirited that you are, you will be the one without the seat-belt or a helmet, and also explain how it ties you down from being free.

Pisces: While you are far off in your daydreams, there is a good chance you will park your car somewhere you shouldn't. But you would not even realize it unless you get the parking ticket.

Do you think these predictions are ridiculous? We do too!

But just as baseless as these predictions, is the urge we all have to keep breaking road safety rules. Rules and regulations of road safety is one of the fundamental duties we need to abide. Anybody who tries to justify breaking them with reasons as ridiculous as those mentioned above is doing nothing but fooling themselves.

Do your part! Join the #RoadToSafety movement today and #DriveResponsibly

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