At this new bar in London, you get drunk just by breathing

Imagine going to a bar. You are standing around, listening to music, and you start getting drunk, without even having a sip of alcohol.

This is the exact premise of a new bar in London, Alcoholic Architecture.

 At this new bar in London, you get drunk just by breathing

Alcoholic Architecture. Twitter ‏@stevendennison

For an entrance fee of £10, visitors can spend an hour drinking cocktails and getting lost in "the cloud": a small room filled with vaporized gin and tonic, reports the Verge. Spending 40 minutes in the cloud, according to its creators, is the equivalent of consuming a "large drink."

"We’ve spent five years and about £30,000 working out how to do this properly, with all the correct health and safety precautions," explains Sam Bompas, co-designer of London's first breathable cocktail cloud bar, reports the Telegraph.

The cloud is made up of a 1:3 ratio of alcohol and mixer, and is pumped into the air via heavy-duty humidifiers. It's apparently strong enough that visitors will only have to drink 60 per cent of their usual intake to feel the same effect, reports the Independent.

The alcohol in the air is absorbed through lungs and eyeballs.

Although this might seem like a cool idea, medical experts are skeptical of the premise.

"The alcohol avoids first pass metabolism in the liver and goes directly to the brain, which makes it much more intoxicating and the intoxication is very rapid," says Dr. William Shanahan, a consultant psychiatrist at Nightingale Hospital. "This has the potential to cause serious side effects as well as brain damage in the developing young brain."

Updated Date: Aug 27, 2015 18:43:45 IST