Arrow Shirts Have a Trick (or two) Up Their Sleeve

Arrow Shirts have gone smart and how! The clothing manufacturer has introduced a range of shirts, under the Smart Shirt brand, that enables its wearer to communicate with their Smartphone via a simple tap on the sleeve. Connectivity between revolutionary Smart Shirt and phone is achieved via the NFC chip embedded in the sleeve.

 Arrow Shirts Have a Trick (or two) Up Their SleeveWhat this basically means is you end up looking way cooler doing regular Smartphone activities. Take for example a meeting scenario. You are with a client or a prospective employer. You want to send them your Linkedin profile. Rather than having to open your phone, browse through to the Linkedin app or website and then forward, now you simply borrow their phone, tap it on your sleeve and voila! your profile is open on their phone. Impressed much?

You can do the same with your electronic business card or even maybe your Facebook profile. Ok, so the next scenario. You are in the metro and want to access your phone’s playlist. Imagine trying to do that while standing up with one hand holding on to the handrail. With Arrow’s new offering, you simply tap your phone on your sleeve and voila you are grooving! Apart from the playlist you can also use the Smart Shirt to:

1)Launch your favourite app: Just tap and Whatsapp is on! Or any other app that makes your favourite list.

2)Connect to a Bluetooth device: No more struggling to mate your phone with your car stereo every time. Do it once and tap away on your sleeve next time you get in.

3)Control Phone Modes: Like activate/deactivate meeting mode. Or switching between 'Home' and 'Work' mode on the phone. All a tap away.

The Smart Shirt magic is created courtesy the Arrow app. The app communicates with the shirt via an NFC  chip embedded in the sleeve. The app is available on iOS and Android. So your phone is ready to plug and play with your shirt.

The first of its kind shirt is made of 100% cotton and comes in Arrow’s usual range of exciting colour and fit options. So head over to the nearest Arrow showroom or buy online at or

Oh and one last thing. If you’re worried about how to wash and wear this hi-tech shirt, don’t be. It is good for multiple cycles of wash, iron, wear and repeat. Just like any other Arrow shirt in your wardrobe.

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Updated Date: Aug 10, 2016 11:44:50 IST