'Are you a f***king transformer?' Delhi student's anti-Honey Singh rap is epic win

Anger against singer-rapper Honey Singh's ‘obscene’ and ‘inflammatory’ lyrics aren't new. After the Delhi gangrape in 2013, petitions were signed to ban Honey Singh's concert in the city. In an article in Sunday Guardian, Annie Zaidi wrote an open letter to Yo Yo asking him to 'stop', saying hotels, sponsors, record labels, film producers and everyone who bank on misogyny are making money because of the singer.

St Stephen's College student Rene Sharanya Verma. Screengrab/ YouTube

St Stephen's College student Rene Sharanya Verma. Screengrab/ YouTube

But, what's the best way to protest against Honey Singh? Do it in a language, he understands. And, that's exactly what St Stephen's College student Rene Sharanya Verma did, unleashing a tour-de-force tirade against Honey Singh as part of the Delhi Poetry Slam.

First, she describes Honey Singh in his style of rap: "Yo, main South Delhi da launda, driving 180 in a big, fast Honda...Hey little lady, I am a little shady..."

She raps about how much struggle Honey Singh would have faced to make things rhyme, and then she gradually moves into a frenzy about the objectification of women.

Watch the video here:

She then takes on Honey Singh's most popular songs with some rap of her own. She, in fact, uses Yo Yo's lyrics to assert what she isn't: "I am not an afterthought, I am not an overpriced sweater in Zara, I'm not an ambraan di queen or a kudi namkeen... I am not blue eyes, hypnotise. Mein choti dress mein bomb nahin lagti, yaar. I am not a woofer and you sure as hell ain't my amplifier, what are you a f***king transformer? And dear Honey Singh, if you feed my dog a nashe-wali biskoot, I will cut you up."

Updated Date: Jan 30, 2015 11:28 AM

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