A modern Raavan has manifested itself to ruin one of the most important decisions of our lives!

Dusshera: It’s that time of the year again. Ram kills Raavan, and we burn effigies of the most powerful negative character in Indian mythology. We look in awe at the 10 headed effigies getting burnt to the ground and go home happy, knowing we have a fresh start to our life.

But, just like Raavan, we are blinded by human weaknesses when we make monetary decisions in life that cause a lot of upheavals when the time comes. The 10 weaknesses that caused one of the most powerful kings in the world to behave irrationally also manifest themselves when we buy insurance. Don’t believe us? Take a look at these 10 heads (weaknesses), and tell us you are not guilty of these.

1. Fear (Bhaya): This is fear of the unknown. Why should we go with something new? We have been using this insurance provider for so long. What if the new company takes us for a ride? It doesn’t matter that a company is beating the rest of the industry in terms of growth, we are afraid to change providers.

2. Laziness (Aalas): A lot of us are guilty of this. We don’t bother hunting for a better insurance provider under the guise of being too busy. The fact is: We are just plain lazy. We waste enough hours on social media and checking out nonsense online. Are we really that busy that we can’t spend an hour comparing insurance prices?

3. Pride (Mada): We know that our insurance provider is not good but we foolishly continue with our current one because we feel people will laugh at us if we change companies. Our pride doesn’t allow us to correct our mistakes. So what if a company offers us a timely claim settlement, our pride won’t let us choose it!

4. Greed (Lobha): Classic case of penny wise and pound foolish. We want to save every paisa, and that greed for money often causes us to choose the wrong insurance provider. If an accident occurs, we repent because we have to pay extra out of our pocket.

5. Indifference (Jaddata): We don’t pay heed to our well-wishers. In fact, we drive them away when they try to point us in the right direction. We believe that they don’t know what they are talking about, and ask them to shut up.

6. Negativity (Abhavamatra): We find it difficult to believe anything good about insurance. We think that insurance is a scam to get us to part with more of our hard-earned cash. We refuse to recognise the benefits of insurance. We are the kind of people who posture in public and repent in private.

7. Anger (Krodha): We are quick to get angry at others’ faults to hide our own. When someone points out that a company offers video claims, we shut them down by telling them they are wrong without giving any reason. We don’t want to accept the fact that the person on the opposite end has done more research than us. Instead, we yell at them.

8. Attachment (Moha): This is a weird weakness. We know our current provider doesn’t do a good job, we know we will get a better deal outside, we know that we will get into trouble but we still stick with them out of a misplaced sense of loyalty. We are so attached to our current provider that we refuse to let go when there is a better offer.

9. Ego (Ahamkara): These kind of people are know-it-alls. They refuse to believe anyone but themselves or people they trust. Insurance companies love this sin in human beings. People with huge egos are easy to convince if you play to their sense of vanity. They come crashing down to earth when their claims are denied.

10. Hatred (Ghrina): When we regularly fail because of all the above-mentioned weaknesses, the only solace we have is irrational hatred. We see others enjoying a better deal on their insurance and we hate them. We start to hate the whole world around us.

Thankfully, it’s not too late for you. This Dusshera, you can make good sense win. You can choose Reliance Car Insurance as your provider to ensure that you never fall to Raavan’s weaknesses. Reliance General Insurance offers a timely claim settlement, 24x7 roadside assistance, video claim assistance and hassle-free renewals, and guarantees good customer service. Check out this video to understand how you can win this Dusshera. #GoodOverEvil

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Updated Date: Oct 18, 2018 17:43:55 IST