A list of the most annoying things that happen to you in the morning

Waking up early in the morning to get ready for work is definitely not a piece of cake, at least for the majority. Even if you are a morning person, your morning routine won’t really go down smoothly every single day! And how your morning turns out is super important, since that influences your entire day, and decides whether you are a beautiful sunflower who is full of life or a living ‘Grumpy Cat’ meme.

 A list of the most annoying things that happen to you in the morning

Now, we can’t give you tips on how to have a perfect morning as it is pretty subjective, but we can list down a few very annoying things that can happen to you when the sun rises in the sky. So that you can keep an eye out!

You snooze, you lose!


First things first, if you know a person that has never snoozed their alarm clock then stop knowing them because THEY AREN’T NORMAL! Although, there are occasions when normal people hit the snooze button a few times more than required, which ends up making them abnormally late. And then we rush on to create a world record by brushing teeth, eating breakfast, taking care of bowel movements and putting clothes on all under ten minutes!

Where’s my water?


One of the most annoying things that can happen to anyone in the morning – low water pressure. Imagine you are in a hurry or just want to take a great bath in the morning, but the water from your shower head barely trickles out. Honestly, this is as good as taking half a bath. Would you ever only eat half a piece of cake or watch only half an episode? You won’t! Hence, it’s time to say #NoMoreHalfBath and make a change.

Hair, “I don’t care”


“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”. We are not reviewing ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ by Charles Dickens, but rather stating the circumstances of your hair. There will be days when your hair is absolutely fine, and there will be days when your hair acts like a toddler with a temper tantrum. Hair related tragedies usually occur during the course of the night and ruin your mornings!

Thinking about existence in the bathroom


“To be, or not to be”, thoughts about life and existence rumble like the sky and raise like the ocean in your mind when a tiny little boat called reality struggling through this philosophical storm delivers you a check debiting twenty minutes of your time (while you try to understand this you are late already!). And now your boss will decide whether you will or will not be employed in the near future. We wonder why people get lost in such deep thoughts in the bathroom. Maybe their bathing experience is not up to the mark? To each his own shower then…

If you look at these annoying morning problems again, then you’ll notice that half of them are related to taking a bath, and it makes sense. Taking a bath is the most important thing in the morning as it ‘wakes you up’ in the truest sense! If you want your bathing experience to be flowery fresh, then we would recommend getting the Genie Hand Shower by American Standard.


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Updated Date: Dec 20, 2018 12:51:22 IST