9 Months returns with season 2: Navigating new parenthood? Here's your one-stop guide

From the womb to the cradle, marks an intense, life-changing nine-month journey. And this journey kicks off a whole new chapter. As a parent, your role is now more important than ever for your baby’s future. From giving birth, you become the primary caregiver for this new life, and tending to your little one’s needs will have to become second nature.

Like any new phase in life is bound to be fraught with doubts and uncertainties, so is traversing parenthood. Lucky for you, you’re not in this alone. Firstpost is now presenting season two of Nine Months (styled 9 Months), our hands-on guide to pregnancy, parenting, and everything in between.

 9 Months returns with season 2: Navigating new parenthood? Heres your one-stop guide

Host Meghna Pant is back with season 2 of 9 Months, Firstpost's comprehensive guide on navigating pregnancy and parenthood

Looking Back

Season 1 of 9 Months saw us addressing questions related to the pregnancy process. The discussions revolved around nutrition during pregnancy, changes in a new mother’s body, critical pre-natal care, medical tests, travel during pregnancy, and even healthy recipes to satiate cravings! Backed by real-life experiences of new mothers and advice from renowned healthcare practitioners, the series aimed at debunking myths and offering comprehensive knowledge on the how, what, and why of pregnancy.

The Way Ahead

In season 2, 9 Months aims to tackle a whole different set of questions, with Meghna Pant as the show’s host and a new mother herself. From caring for your little one in the crucial first year, to understanding baby behaviour and coping as new parents, you’ll get all the help you need!

What To Expect

The most immediate question you’re faced with would be, ‘How can I be the best parent?’ Indeed, it’s not surprising to experience some pressure, we can all agree. Think about when you’re constantly wondering whether or not you’re holding your little one right, or if you're being judged as a good/bad parent... These are just some of the problems you’ll be able to gain perspective on, from on the show.

Tackle Problems Realistically

And while baby issues are all that’ll be spoken about after pregnancy, it’s important to understand that new parents will have a different set of battles too. Insecurities between couples are just one of them, in which case, a deep level of understanding needs to be present to ensure your baby is raised in a loving environment. Parents need to accept that a child needs both father and mother and any issues between the couple should not reflect on how they interact with the child. Then there's the pressure on new mothers to lose weight! While weight gain and loss are part of the journey of pregnancy, there is no reason to be put on the line for making it happen at your own pace.

Catch these and many more challenges faced by new parents on 9 Months season two, and how to tackle them. New mommies and daddies, take note!

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Updated Date: Oct 01, 2019 18:18:08 IST