8 situations that hold true both for the road and the cricket pitch

As Virat Kohli and his men take the field and make a nation of 125 crore Indians proud with each win at the ongoing ICC Cricket World Cup in England, we figured this was a good time to give you some essential tips about driving on the roads.

What’s the connection you ask? Well, walking on to a cricket field and driving your vehicle on roads are actually very similar things if you think about it. We give you eight legit reasons why you need to approach your driving game with as much dedication as Kohli and his men on the cricket pitch.

 8 situations that hold true both for the road and the cricket pitch

Be Ready With Your Guard

Ever seen a batsman walk on the pitch without gloves and pads? No, right? Bringing your vehicle on the road requires similar rear-guard action. If you start driving without knowing how much fuel is left, or driving without scheduling your vehicle’s maintenance or having expired insurance is a sure-shot way of inviting trouble for yourself.


Getting to know the pitch is of paramount importance. Teams decide whether to bat or bowl first as per pitch conditions and that can often be the difference between winning and losing. Just like the pitch, knowing the road and weather conditions before driving is as important so you spend minimal time behind the wheel. Cue Pakistan winning the toss yet failing to make the most of it versus India in their World Cup match.

Always Play Fair

On the pitch, batsmen must rotate the strike, bowlers need support from fielders while captains expect their teammates to give their best. Cricket and driving are both team sports. While driving too, you need to give way to emergency services, signal your intent with appropriate gestures and drive in tandem with other vehicles.

Respect The Rules

Every game is played by the rulebook, be it playing the perfect square cut or driving on city roads. Knowing your role and playing by the rules is imperative if you want to make an impact on the pitch or on the roads. Of course, not following rules make you a cheater and let’s face it, you don’t want to be fined for cheating on ground or on road.

Remember The Cameras

Walking on to the pitch means being fully aware that you can’t foul up at any point. Every move you make is recorded on multiple cameras while your actions are picked up on the stump mike. Even on the road, there are cameras that will catch you if you break a signal, park illegally or get in the wrong lane. Always be mindful when you’re around technology and remember that it exists for your good.

Don’t Get A Brain Fade

You know what Steve Smith said when he was caught communicating with the dressing team while he was on the pitch? He said he had a brain fade. No one bought it. Nor will anyone buy any argument if you’re caught talking on your phone while driving. Some things are better left for another time, whether it’s talking to the coach or talking on the phone while driving.

Never Lose Your Cool

Just as the opposition bowler’s job is to rattle the batsman and provoke a reaction, similarly, there will be situations when you will be driving and others will break traffic rules and berate you for driving safely. Don’t bother about nasty comments and enjoy driving at your own pace while following traffic rules.

Safety First


Don’t streak on the field or run to click selfies with cricketers on the ground. You’re putting the entire team’s security at risk by doing so. Security is as important while driving too – not just yours but other passengers’ as well. Never indulge in crazy selfie stunts, drink and drive or drive carelessly. That’s simply not done.

Driving on the roads, just like playing cricket on the ground, is a privilege. It’s up to each and every one of us to enjoy that privilege without abusing it in any way. The best way of doing so is consistently ensuring we live up to the standards of the game, respect its rules and play safe. Only then can we hope to drive to victory – in cricket as well as in life.

Now that we’ve convinced you about safety, let’s #JoinThePact as teammates and vow to #NeverDrink&Drive. See you on the road.


Updated Date: Jun 28, 2019 17:41:10 IST